Share your vision of our magnificent Earth through your lens.

This picture was taken at Lake Poinsett, South Dakota, USA on my old 35mm camera

My heart is full of thanksgiving, I was fortunate enough to be born in 1940. Mother Earth was still the good earth, nearly a virgin. My grandfather cut hay off virgin prairie, land that never was plowed. Industrial pollution started long before 1940 but the Earth was still in pretty good shape at that time. Now it is been raped,  robbed, contaminated, nuclearized and the people desensitized.

The waters were pure, you could drink from a stream, now you can’t drink from a well. You ate fish that were delicious and nutritious, now they may have Mercury in them from contaminated waters. The land was over fertilized to make it produce larger crops each year. The land being used would grow very little without hundreds of tons of fertilizer and weed killers that polluted all the groundwater and ran off into the lakes and rivers.

This earth was so bright, so clean, the air was so clear at one time you could see for miles. The air was even sweet. Now it is full of exhaust fumes and carbon dioxide, smoke stacks all over the globe belch thousands of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere 24/7 from burning fossil fuels.

This earth has been so good to the human race for thousands of years. Why did we let human greed and childish reasoning destroy this earth? What about our loved ones who will carry on here, after we are gone? We will go back to the earth, dust to dust and ashes to ashes. We should ask for forgiveness from the new generations that will have to rely on what’s left of this earth.

At the pace this human race is living, how much longer will this earth survive? Will it be thousands, hundreds of years or will it just be decades? What a sad commentary to the powers of human greed and childish sand box politicians.