Trump’s Second Impeachment

Truth and words matter.

The Republican-controlled Senate does not want to support impeachment. Why do they want to hang on to the lies that have been spread to the voters? What are they afraid of, truth?

Speakers at Trump campaign rallies have been spreading the lie about the election being stolen from Trump by the Communist-Democrats until they have millions of people believing and got them mad enough to riot.

The truth could start a massive new lawsuit. Thousands of people will want to share in a class-action suit. They will all claim they went to Trump campaign rallies as innocent voters and came away feeling the election got stolen from Trump. The Republican National Committee could be sued for every nickel it has.

Who knows? In this crazy world, that might be why there are so many Republicans remaining quiet. Just like the church in Germany remained quiet until Hitler came after the church, then it was too late. We have to live with our decisions, that is why truth and words matter so much.

The United States, as we know it, could start to heal with the truth. The people could remain divided and filled with hate for years to come if the lies remain.



I am not an attorney but as I recall our legal system depends on truth being told to maintain our system of Law & Order. We have evolved to a point where truth does not hold the value it had in the past. Truth has a different meaning to a few. If you’re a good enough liar and learn to swear by your lies. You can make those telling the truth appear to be the bad guy. Who will ever know?

This is a guaranteed way to unravel the fabric of our society one lie at a time. We have become our own enemy.

Nothing Is Unstoppable



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Nothing Is Unstoppable

Absolutely nothing in this world is unstoppable, if it is being guided by a human heart and mind.. You may slow it down, change its course, change its appearance, change its destination, whatever it might be, it is unstoppable.