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Howling Wind

Chicago has the honor of being known as the Windy City, just because they have Lake Michigan right out of their front window. It is a rather large body of water, the wind has long distantces to cross that lake. It is packing plenty of strength when it arrives in Chicago. The wind clobbers and pounds Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive most of the time. That is why they are proud to have the Windy City attached to their Chamber of Commerce logo.

Saskatchewan, Canada and the Dakotas in the USA, have a somewhat larger area for the wind to develop in. They are all pretty much wide open, all the way to the North Pole. When that wind arrives here it means business. This is the Desert Wind Maria’s nasty first cousin. That wind left the North Pole about a week earlier. The wintertime brings a very icy blast in the mass of air rolling down from the North. The summertime hot, dry-wind will often time climb up to 100°F, with very high humidity. There doesn’t seem to be a happy medium.

I once visited with a fellow before in Saskatchewan Canada, I said, ” kind of breezy today, isn’t it?” He looked at me, smiled and said, “This really isn’t much of a wind right now, the Gophers are out around their little holes over there. Some days the wind keeps them in their holes. The gophers that are brave enough to come out have to hang on to the sides of the hole, their little tails pointing straight out in the wind. They seem to enjoy the challenge.

Dakotans are so acclimated to the wind, hot or cold they go about business as usual, regardless of the wind velocity. There is always something to do on a family farm. I do recall one time we went to pick rocks. The fields are scattered with a lot of different sized rocks from the glacier period. Every generation since farming began has picked rocks. We got out to the field and commenced picking, would you believe we actually had to quit. No, the wind wasn’t blowing the rocks away. The wind was blowing our eyes full of dust and dirt with every rock we picked up. We decided it wasn’t worth it, we actually had a day off.

Wind-powered generators will soon make the United States a World leader in the production of electric energy. Let it blow!