Tourist Dollars Welcome



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Tourist Dollars Welcome

A tourist is a person who travels for pleasure, usually sightseeing and staying in hotels and resort areas. Many with young family members on their first trip. They go to tourist attractions of all kinds, possibly excursion or sightseeing tours. They are for the most part young families with moderate incomes. They’re not out spending money lavishly, or foolishly, they probably planned for a year or two in advance and budgeted the money so they could go on their trip together as a family. Possibly a once in a lifetime trip.

Tourists are going to spend their money when they are in any area on vacation. They have no alternatives, they have expenses daily being away from home. That is why it is so very hard to understand why they are treated so poorly in just about every state that they travel through. Every town, city, state and the federal government have to plan their budgets. They start planning a budget, every year it’s the same old song and dance routine. Let’s get the tourists, hit them as hard as we can. They kept coming back the last five times that we did it it. That seems like an awful poor, unfair way to raise revenue. Neighborly welcoming committees will hand out cookies at the state line, that should make the tourist feel welcome.

Cities and towns love the tax called the three B’s, Bed, Board, and Booze tax. Towns and cities can make out like bandits, just keep raising the BBB. They can rake in dough big time with that tax, the state can try to regulate how much they’re charging the tourists. But city council members can appeal for exemptions. The state is already getting as much tourist taxes as they can. Every highway coming into the state has huge signs welcoming the tourist. There should be more signs, “TOURIST DOLLARS WELCOME.”