Symbiotic People



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My wife and I have a symbiotic relationship. Symbiotic is the adjective form of the noun symbiosis. There are of course several different types of symbiotic relationships, one type is parasitism. A worm that lives in the gut of another animal and feeds off of the host is a parasite.

My wife has dementia messing with her head, as it gets worse, I feel she is the worm in my gut. She continues to exist on strength from my inner working. I have no control over the process.

There are also more benign forms of symbiotic relationship’s, such as the mutualistic or mutually beneficial relationship between coral and algae. Some algae live within coral colonies, they provide the coral with oxygen and nutrients in the form of glucose and other similar substances. I would rather think of myself as a 200 lb. hunk of algae.

Our symbiosis is biological.  The relationship between two different kinds of living things that live together and depend on each other. I have to question how two extream opposite people end up together? It must be for the sole reason of testing symbiosis to the maximum limits.

The creator of all surely must have a hand in it for his enjoyment and entertainment.

Pressing, pushing and punishing the relationship between two people, testing each other’s symbiosis. Can it be obligatory? Which means that one or both of the symbionts entirely depend on each other to survive,  when they could generally live independently.

The safest, best symbiosis relationship would have to be the lowly worker bee, pollinate flower or plant, then fly away. No harm intended or done.



Five Items
A classic question, revisited: what are the five items you must have on a deserted island?
Thanks for the prompt suggestion, Sue Perry!

With my luck my deserted island would not be in the South Pacific, with women in grass skirts living next door. My island would no doubt be somewhere in the Arctic region.

1. I must have insulated coveralls with a hood and fur mittens. When the first polar bear stops to visit, I will ask him to hang up his coat. Then I will try to get him mad enough to leave without taking his coat along. There is a chance that might not work.

2. I must have a harpoon, big enough to get a small whale or a seal but small enough for fish.

3. I must have the strongest magnifying glass made. I can use solar power to start a fire with dry seaweed and moss, hopefully keep the fire going with driftwood and fat from seals or walrus.

4. I must have a saw or sharp ice ax to fashion ice blocks into an igloo.

5. I must have a satellite pick up my cellphone GPS. Being stranded there is one thing but I don’t want to live there.