Feeding The Poor Today And Everyone On The Planet Tomorrow



There should be a challenge to all nations, feed the poor today and everyone on the planet tomorrow. Great improvements in agricultural technology, new methods of land use and plant genetics have created huge increases in crop production. Brazil is a great example, they are becoming a world leader in crop production. They are farming millions of acres of land that was considered marginal a few years ago. Brazil’s agriculture plan could be used in many other countries. If those who have accumulated so much wealth from food distribution would just examine their hearts they can provide provide financial assistance to many developing countries. We have already seen this happening with the generosity of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. This changing world needs more men who will give back from what they have been blessed with. Worldwide regulations should be written to prevent speculators from driving up commodity prices on food grains.

Hunger and human greed have lived side-by-side since the first people appeared on this earth. Life must have been much simpler for prehistoric man, yet similar to modern man. Human nature and greed haven’t changed much. I can picture a group of prehistoric hunters killing a mammoth. It took all of them to kill it but the stronger hunters move onto the kill and start eating their fill and taking what they want for their own use. You would think there be would be plenty of meat for all to share from a big elephant, but human nature usually trumps sharing and compassion. The weaker hunter not wanting to meet the same fate as the mammoth stays back and continues to be hungry until the stronger ones get all they want and leave. Many people today grab all they can grab yet never seem to be filled. Real hunger has visited every era of mankind, today it has become a way of life in many countries.

In today’s world of plenty, there are more hungry people than at any time in history. Natural disasters continue to destroy crops all over the world. Population numbers have increased dramatically, increasing the demand for food. Some countries are so dry and poor they don’t have the means to even attempt to grow their own food. Many programs have been developed to enable other countries to start feeding themselves. Enabling people to feed themselves has to be the solution to global hunger. Modern day world commodity markets are only compounding the hunger problem. Food distribution programs find tons of food for the hungry being sidetracked into black markets or taken by military rulers for use by their chosen few.

Agriculture started with families raising animals and growing crops to supply what they needed to survive. If they produced more than they needed it was bartered or sold to acquire items that they could not produce. Family or community agriculture operations world wide will also create millions of jobs as it also grows new economies for developing nations.

World wide hunger and the condition of future generations isn’t considered much in the New Globalization and new world order plan. World demand and also speculators drove up the price of crude oil to new records for many years, helping cause the present-day global food crisis. The modern-day commodity speculators must have never gone to bed hungry, hunger teaches compassion. Profits for commodity market speculators are always much higher than the farmer who invests time and money producing the crop.

New world commodity markets driven by runaway greed cannot continue while the majority of the people in the world are hungry. The meek and hungry will not continue to sit quietly starving to death! A global food crisis can be averted with technology, cooperation and compassion

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