Don’t Let Your Zip Slip

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Don’t Let Your Zip Slip

When you are real young you have Zip to spare. You probably pass some of it in your poop.When you are about a year old everyone is trying to get you to walk.You want to please them so much, you start walking and falling on your butt. Your wobbly little legs are still building up zip. Once you get started, you walk continually. You soon do so great, you can outrun a posse of parents and grandparents. All of a sudden they put boundaries on where those zippy legs can go. Those first few years can be somewhat confusing.

Then around age two, you start to speak because everyone’s prompting you to say “mama and dada” so you start speaking. Soon your speaking like a full fledged auctioneer. You like it so good, you start speaking pretty much around the clock to impress everyone. They loved your zippy speech at first, now they tell you to zip your lip. More mixed messages.

You continue to bubble over with zip, all the way through preschool and grade school. When you start Middle School, that old zip goes to lunch a lot. When you start high school it is gone, zippy no more. You now want to sleep until 10 or 11 o’clock in the morning so much for that useful zip.

When you finish your education and start out into the Working World, zip has to return to a certain extent or you might have a very unhappy life. There are many jobs you can grow to like, even love, that is a very good way to get your zip back. Always try to be happy in your work, for peace of mind and at the least, faster days on the job.
The best way to maintain your zip is through a regular exercise program, this should be done throughout your whole life to keep your body Young, elastic and zippy. Get involved playing sports, any kind.

Zip is nearly absent in about 95 percent of the people after they reach the golden years, or the mid-seventies to the nineties. Suddenly zip took on a completely different meaning. You hardly recall zip, as your memory plays tricks on you. You might have total recall of zipping around the dance floor doing a circle polka but forgot your zip code.

When you try to get out of bed, first you want to see if the legs are going to move, if they do, that is a real good sign. You try to swing them over the side of the bed, use good old gravity to got them to the floor. Always use the weight of the legs to help get your body to a sitting upright position.You may have to have something or someone to pull yourself up, it’s always a very good idea to just sit there as the room spins around and the blood starts to circulate back to the rest your body.

There was a time when you had to go bad in the morning, you could just zip to the bathroom, now you take your time knowing in advance you will be roosting there for a good part of the morning. Zip has turned into a slow-motion lifestyle. Try to reclaim some of that old zip, it awaits those who work to get it back. We know it will not be anything like youthful zip, the Golden Years Zip must be sought on a daily basis. Miss a day, loose what you had!

Totally Tenacious

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Totally Tenacious

An example of tenacious is a person who lives for another twenty years with a terminal disease.

I do not have a terminal disease but I did suffer a severe spinal cord injury 52 years ago. You might say I am a tenacious person because I have refused to give up or to follow all the rules in the book about living with severe spinal cord damage.

The doctors recommended I not lifting anything over 20 pounds yet I took a job unloading freight cars two years after my injury. Being hungry is a great work incentive. I took a day labor job where they find you work and keep a sizeable portion of your pay. I did manage to stay alive this way because I had money for food. That might be considered more staunch than tenacious.

I did many different jobs that required lifting but finally went to work driving truck. I drove every type of truck, gravel truck, propane gas, tanker truck, refrigerated trucks hauling meat from the Midwest to Arizona and California. That job also required much heavy lifting along with traveling many rough roads, sitting on seats that were poor quality in many trucks.

Neurology doctors look at my MRI’s and wonder how I can still walk. My spinal column and cord have been inflicted with just about every type of problem that can affect the spine. At the present time, the inside of my spinal cord is completely hollowed out from the tailbone to the base of the brain. That has destroyed many nerves controlling different parts of the body. I can still walk and make the most of each new day, I guess that makes me tenacious, persistent or determined.

I do believe being a truly tenacious person is all mental. You can ask the body to do just about anything and it will comply with your mental commands. The body is capable of doing them, it is all connected to the right frame of mind to start with. If you are determined and unwavering, doggedly work for your goals, you can reach just about anything you decide on. You must first will yourself do it, or it will never happen.