A Bird for Our Changing World

The old testament reads, Proverbs 27:15 A continual dripping on a rainy day and a quarrelsome wife are alike.
My wife and I were married 50 years. She went to the big family reunion in heaven a year ago. I listen for that familiar old dripping noise but now it is gone, no rain, faucet or Rose. Time has always controlled us. I remember the old eight-day Clock that sat on the mantle. You could hear the Tick Tock and quarterly chiming all over the house during the quiet of night. Now in this tiny apartment I can hear the small electric clock running on the wall in the other room, the silence is defining. I imagine hearing a dripping noise but there is none.
I have been confined to my small quarters since long before the corona virus crept, slithered or just floated in on a cyber cloud. This Hi-Tech, fast moving World of constant pleasure and entertainment got knocked down of the pedestal. Everything came to a screeching, grinding, abrupt halt. People got confined or quarantined in their homes. The stock market went from riches to rags. Time and treasure are taking on new values and meaning Worldwide. Simple almost trivial things such as toilet tissue have become a major issue, no crap. I remember using an outhouse and there was no toilet paper, just an old Montgomery Ward’s Catalog. It did the job, without the class, but was rough on the ass, the index pages were the closest thing to Charmin and went first. A role of real Toilet paper was kept but reserved for VIPs that came to visit.
My home nursing attendants have come and gone for the day. I have a long afternoon to deal with again. I am learning how to contend with them, up to a point, been home bound for months. I have always lived in South Dakota, USA. Our winters here can be very long and cold. We have about nine months of winter, then maybe 3 months when sledding gets a little harder. Most of my adult life I have enjoyed being outdoors. Every spring got spent listening with great anticipation for the first Meadow Lark to sit on a fence post singing its little heart out. I hope to still be here this spring to greet that first Meadowlark with hopeful anticipation, in the case I’m not I have downloaded a Meadowlark singing. I’m going to share this with everyone in this world. It is about all I can do in this time of crisis. This little bird gives me hope. My wish is, it sets your spirits into a good mood too. Life is still great, regardless of negative nabobs, even if I don’t hear the old dripping noise. I am happily living on many fond memories.
Best wishes to everyone, please stay well, may the Corona virus pandemic run its course in a hurry? Everyone can then get back to business as usual, I hope with a bit more respect and appreciation for all they have, say and do while loving their neighbors.
My ancestors came to this country from Finland and Norway in the late 1800s with little more than what they were carrying, their belongings fit in a steamer trunk. The first winter they spent in Dakota Territory was living in a hole dug into the side of a hill. They plowed sod with oxen and a one bottom plow. Their lives began to grow and prosper through faith and hard work. Sacrifice, suffering and their perseverance paved the way for our generation, so we can enjoy a life of plenty. Shame on us if we fail to remember and honor them. A virus could send us all back to living under similar conditions.

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Meadow Lark


Gone From Me

gone from me
Daily Post


Far, far away is my love of yesterday

Her body is still here, her mind is still at home too. When she talks to me now it is like she addresses a different man though, raising her voice, it is hard to describe. She will raise her vioce and use a sarcastic tone of voice while making conversation over simple house hold tasks. She does not seem to realise this. If I comment about why the harsh tone of voice? I am shouting and not understanding what she said, it all seems to get turned around at that point.

I can’t just ignore her we live and survive together. These changes seem to be getting worse. She will ask a question to me from a different room, when I don’t hear it, the race is on! She has used this loud, defensive, tone for many months now, it is hard to imagine. This is something she does not realize doing. I am afraid she has no idea that she is doing it. Trying to talk to someone in a different room is difficult under the best of sircumstances, hearing loss just compounds the problem. I better work on an intercom system.

She has cooked her whole life and is a a licensed chef. In the past year almost every thing that she prepares has new ingredients added to them. If I comment, “you never put muschrooms in your oyster stew before, as an example.” She replies, “I most certainly did.” After grocery shopping in the past she would put thing away as soon as we got in the house. Recently she will start reading the mail or doing a crossword puzzel while the milk and everything sets on the table.

She is cold all the time because she takes blood thinners. The thermostat will get turned to high many times a day. I have to keep turning it back down or the place would be unbearably hot. She still sleeps most of the time because of the heat.

Lights left on, doors open, drawers open, shoes scattered about, burned pans, these are daily routine things. She takes many medications and is on oxygen 24/7. That alone, or old time dementia could be the cause for her confusion, alzheimers sounds far to drastic. This looks like the previews of things to come, I hope it is all family rated.



Far, far away is my love of yesterday
And she’s gone, gone, gone, gone from me, from me
Far, far away is my life, my love, my way
And wonder, where, where, where, oh, where can she be?

Days endless, days nights, dark
As may lonely, I’m lonely where can she be?
Far far away is my love of yesterday
Wonder, where, where, where, where, where, oh, where can she be?

Far, far away

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