Make Authenticity Your Goal


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Make Authenticity Your Goal

I believe most writers search for true authenticity, in their own way or genre. They may well be better off staying with a certain style of writing. Our emotions keep coming to the surface, with ‘make changes’, written all over them. They can alter, create doubt, change the mood we are in. Hopefully we can alter those moods to write clearer lines. The goal is to be confidently sure and happy in our own minds, that is not always going to be the case.

I don’t believe I have an untethered soul, even if I do have a tethered spinal cord. I refuse to let pain run my life. Instead, I stay busy, able to block out the pain by shunning it. I refuse to think about it, let alone dwell on it. I refuse to let it get control and I don’t take pain drugs. It is done with the power that is in my mind that I cannot explain. I have found if I sit back and relax, take my mind off everything else that is going on around or in me. I have fairly good results with a project. I am a relative newbie when it comes to writing and I missed out on far too many classes that would have helped mold me into being a writer. “Hind site, means you could not find your rear with both hands at one time.”

We as a Nation are obsessed with happiness. We want everything to be cut and dried for us, with out our own input. We want all the answers made for us and want them to be positive. We appear to be someone we are not in many circumstances. Just put on a false front, most importantly look and act prosperous. It’s a great instant feeling for the right now, but in the attic of your mind, the subconscious whispers to you. ‘This is not you, you can’t keep up with the Joneses, you can’t even keep up with yourself.’ Down you go and you were just up so high!

We need an excuse, so we blame the advertising world for brainwashing us. We as people make the final decision on how many cars, homes, boats, luxury items, electronic gadgets, we need. No one twisted our arms or made us buy all that stuff. Most people are in debt, way, way over their heads, with no chance insight of ever getting out of debt. We need counselors to tell us why were unhappy? Something is very wrong with this picture.

There has never been a time in history when authenticity meant so little, probably including the Roman Empire. There is much unhappiness, self-pity, need, greed, selfishness, and people just letting it all hang out in a dream world. They don’t think they will ever have to wake up. We pretend to be a religious, wealthy society. It is not authentic!

I sound like the authentic, negative nabob, spreading negativisms about our Nation. Shame on me! I just feel individuals have to start taking more responsibility for their own situations and station in life, not expecting someone else to do all of the heavy work for them. True happiness can only come from within, one action, one thought at a time. It can’t be bought at a big box store.

What does my authenticity mean to me? I am what I am, I always try to change for the better when sliding down the inevitable slippery slope. I learned many years ago, “I can B.S. somebody else, but I can’t B.S. myself or my creator.”