Surface Survey



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Surface Survey

Just about everyone in this world encounters several people, up close and personal during a day. How do we come across to these people? How do we look on the surface? Our immediate appearance holds a lot of importance to those people who judge on sight alone. We should all realize you cannot judge a book by its cover. You cannot judge a person by their looks, you might try, but it’s something that you should never do. Invariably you will walk away with the wrong impression.

Today many of the people you meet will have a tattoo, some, a large number of tattoos. They may have rings in their noses, rings in their lips and hairdos and color that are out of this world. They might come across as being on the wild side, the kind of person who loves to live on the edge. In truth, they are probably everyday people going about their business. They could be doctors, lawyers, bankers, we surely cannot tell anything about them by what they look like on the surface.

A new surface look can be applied to apparel and a Hollywood face, a false, face to change how people see us. We might make them think we are famous and wealthy. When in truth all the makeup of the world, all of the proper looking actions or facial expressions can be just as phony as a three dollar bill. Our surface appearance to the rest of the world should be a reflection of what is in our hearts and mind if we truly are walking the walk and talking the talk as we go through life.

Everyone should take a little more time to check their own surface appearance. Stand in front of a big mirror with an open mind and conscious, look in the mirror to see what you see. Hopefully, you will see what you want to see on the surface, and it will make you feel good about yourself. If we choose to live a pretend surface life, we may not find happiness on a regular basis. We are the first ones to know about letting ourselves down. The person right next to you hasn’t got a clue that you are blue. The surface is all that shows.