Living for Survival




Living for Survival


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Survival, means the act of living, the desire to live. Every human being is born with a deep desire to live. That desire is born into everyone for one simple reason, life is supposed to be a very special gift. The gift of life can also be shared through tissue and organ donations. Living is supposed to be something good to seek, to protect and prolong, everyone wants to live a long life. Many also want to go to heaven. They just don’t want to go today. It is all part of human nature. Life is the greatest gift any person can be given. Survival is the proof! Getting old together sharing fond family memories can be a reward.

Some people live to a certain age, and somehow they lose that desire to protect their life. No more desire to live a life that will have purpose and meaning, and longevity. They will harm their bodies with alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. Most will blame someone else because they made the wrong decisions. They didn’t take care of their bodies so they could survive. They completely disregarded survival, they had one short term goal and that was to feel good, no truth, no consequences.

Most animals and birds have a stronger will for survival than a lot of human beings. Is that because they have simple lives? Or all creatures have survival instincts? They just have to become accustomed to their surroundings and seasons. Survival might end by freezing to death without proper shelter, but animals have a way of always preparing themselves for all events that are possible to take place in their environment. People need help in that department, so they can survive.

Humans are the ones that have the hardest time taking care of themselves in any environment. They become easily distracted and in many cases show little or no regard for their futures. What will next week, month, or year hold for me? Do I have any plans for survival made? Many of them carry on with the full knowledge that life will become shorter because of abuse to their minds and bodies. Millions of people have a hard time surviving in their own homes. If they were to be dropped off in the wilderness their chances for survival would not be very good.

Modern society has a few very hard questions that it should try to answer. The questions are. “What has happened to people in this modern age? Why is life no longer precious to so many people? Society all lives together under one sky and government. We learn new things by watching others in our society. There must be a big computer somewhere that we can put all of this people and survival information into. I don’t think it will be a simple answer. The world should know. Why did so many people lose the value of life and survival?