Brainwashed by Social Media

The United States military leaders got told by the politicians in 1959, about the Domino theory, all the countries in Southeast Asia will fall to communism like domino’s if we don’t stop them in Vietnam. We are trading partners with all of them today. President Trump met with North Korea’s Communist leader at Hanoi, “a real slap in the face to all POW’s.”

Communism hasn’t spread very far unless that’s what is happening today by undermining our political processes and causing a bitter division of the people, through corrupt elections. We won’t remain free for many more years when the country is divided by hate groups. We have remained a free Democracy by working together regardless of differences of opinion. The good and survival of all in the “United States must be the goal.”

It now appears as if those days are coming to an end, right, wrong, law and order have little meaning. It may not have been communist conspired but the voters have been brainwashed by propaganda that has flooded all of todays Social Media platforms. The Republican Party destroyed Hilary Clinton’s reputation with lies and robbed her of being president of the United States. Their plan is to now steal the 2020 election the same way. Their goal is to divide and control voters, all for power and profit. God help America.

The Whole Truth

Truh 2.jpg

Today’s WordPress prompt was: Truth Serum—You’ve come into possession of one vial of truth serum. Who would you give it to (with the person’s consent, of course) — and what questions would you ask?

I would give the whole vile to General Colin Powell, former United States Secretary of State, then proceed to ask him the following questions.

General Powell, “Do you believe that Saddam Hussein, Iraq’s leader, actually had weapons of mass destruction and the ability to use them?”

General Powell, you had the CIA director George Tenet sit directly behind you during the famous UN speech, he sat there for the world to see. “Do you believe his statement was true about the invasion of Iraq, “being a slam dunk?” “The invasion was also compared to being a cakewalk, do you feel that was true?”

General Powell, “Do you believe the war planners were running a fear campaign? Talking about weapons of mass destruction, yellow cake from Africa, mushroom clouds, poison gas. Was the media used to get the country fired up for war?”

General Powell, “Do you think the invasion of Iraq would ever have taken place without your speech being made to the whole world?”

General Powell, “Were you telling the truth when you made the famous speech at the United Nations Building in New York City about weapons of mass destruction?”

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