Prayer Invitation


February 25, 2016

Harlan just returned to the care center in Arlington, SD today after another stay at the heart hospital in Sioux Falls. He is doing much better now.

Thank You

Harlan Olson Family
Our prayers heard. You bet. To family, friends, medical staff, several pastors and total strangers – Thank you from the Olson family. Prayers started Thursday (1/28) and Friday (1/29). At the Lake Norden Clinic for right decision by medical staff to send to Watertown and then the Sioux Falls hospital where I made my recovery.
Prayers spread like a ripple in the lake
within hours. Prayers heard in Eastern and
Western SD, in Michigan, and all the way to the East Coast within a day and even to
Florida. At the same time, prayers heard in the west from Oklahoma to the Pacific Northwest
within a short day and even to India. All of you
deserve out heartfelt thanks.

UPDATE Here is the latest update on Harlan, it is February 19, 2016, 8:30 PM at Arlington, South Dakota.Lynn, Babe and I went to see Harlan today in Sioux Falls. He seems to be doing very good, still having lots of pain though. Babe said something that got him laughing, thought he was going to pass out from pain. They are having trouble getting his heart speed regulated, so that is one project they are trying to get figured out. They plan to wean him off oxygen again, if he can get enough oxygen on his own. That is scary part, the family realizes the problems he had before. The plan is to move him back to Golden Living here in Arlington next Monday. He will be back here then unless something changes. Brian and Carol are both frazzled, Brian is coming home today and Julie’s going down for the rest of the week with Carol.

Thanks again, to everyone for all the prayers.

I do believe in the power of prayer. My brother had quadruple bypass surgery done two weeks ago and has been recovering at a care center here ever since he got out of surgery. He is been doing remarkably well, walking and exercising and doing everything that he was expect to do after surgery. Today he had symptoms similar to that of a heart attack He was taken by ambulance back to the hospital. Hopefully the doctors that did the surgery will quickly find the reason for his problems that started this afternoon.

Harlan’s condition has changed some this afternoon 02/16/16, 3:00 PM. I went up to visit him about an hour ago and they had just taken him by ambulance to Brookings. He was having some rapid heart rate and heart attack like symptoms. He was due to go to his heart doctor at Sioux Falls tomorrow for post surgery follow up. Brian and Carol were going to take him down for that. It’s probably a good thing he went by ambulance today but we have no idea what all is going on yet. I will try to keep you posted as I hear anything. Lori just called me from back in Michigan. Brian and Carol are at the Brookings hospital with Harlan right now. All prayers surely will be appreciated, thank you and I will keep you posted.

Hello again, 6:30 pm, Central Standard Time, South Dakota, USA. Lori just called back. Harlan is being moved back to Sioux Falls, SD to the Sanford Heart Hospital tonight. They don’t know a lot yet, outside of it was similar to heart attack symptoms. They should know more when he gets back down to the heart hospital, to the doctors who did the original surgery. Carol and Brian are going to stay down at Sioux Falls for now and see what the doctors have to say. I will continue to keep you all updated, thanks again, keep the prayer chain active. Praise the Lord for all the prayer warriors around the globe.

I would like to appeal to all of my blogging friends around the world to remember my brother Harlan Olson in their prayers and that he will have a complete recovery. Thank you all. God bless you.
Leland Olson

God Does Bless.


Yes, I do believe God grants blessings. We must understand that some blessings are granted and some might not be recognized as blessing. An unanswered prayer might even be a real blessing. When you see the little old lady at your forty year class reunion, you remember asking God to help set you up with her. You sure are glad He overlooked that one. God always knows what is in our best interest when he receives our prayers. He probably checks out how humble our worldly attitude is as he makes his final decision, on granting a blessing that has been prayed for.

Do you answer the common greeting how are you? “I am blessed.” If you do, you’re probably aware of God’s blessings in your life. We spend much of our time trying to sort out what blessings are and if they are from God. Many of the things that happen to us daily seem like blessings, because they make us feel good. We might take for granted our real blessing coming from God.

God is in the business of granting blessings. We just have to trust Him with how they are received by us. Satan also grants things to happen. He would have us think that some of those things that make us so happy are from God. Winning the lottery might seem like a great blessing. If it ruins your life after a binge of selfish, extravagant living, it surely is not a blessing from God.

It is God’s wish that people trust him with their daily lives. He has a life plan for each one of us. God gives us the freedom to choose how our life walk will be carried out. He is not a dictator who demands certain actions from us. It is his wish that we live lives according to his commandments. Living that life is an impossible task, our human nature usually finds us following the easy road. When we do trust God with our daily lives, he will bless us by showing us the way and giving us the strength we need.

Our wants and our needs are always in conflict. Our wants usually cause us to go the wrong way, our needs can become adjustable. When we finally trust in the fact that God will supply all of our needs we are home free. We then start to recognize that the blessings we receive are from God and we can be happy in all circumstances.

We are living in a sinful world were traps and snares can easily catch us and lead us in the wrong direction. Problems of modern day living can keep us from even thinking that there are such things as blessing. Each new day will have troubles of its own, only through trust in God’s blessings can those troubles be overcome.

As long as we are in this world, we will continue to wonder about blessings. Being able to get out of bed to greet a new day can be a blessing. Good health is a genuine blessing. Be thankful for all your blessings everyday, not just on turkey day.