Political Hyperbole

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Political Hyperbole
The meaning of hyperbole is exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally. Wait a minute! Hold the fort! Politicians use hyperbole constantly, every speech they make is written by experts in hyperbole. It is all expected to be received by the voter as if it were the Gospel of St. John!

OK, now I get it, they are the honorable, conscientious politicians, public servants, serving the interests of the country. We are just plain, humble, innocent, voters, who are expected to believe them. Speech writers make the big bucks writing speeches for politicians and the speeches are mostly canned, tainted BS, modern day, multi flavored, hyperbole. It must be taken with a grain of salt and a pint of liquid antacid. Why does hyperbole keep getting worse in Washington D.C.?

We are going to be voting in two days in a presidential election. Many wisely voted absentee. There are thousands of city, state and other federal offices with candidates running also. It might be fair to say this whole country has been exposed to a fair amount of hyperbole for the past few months, so hyperbole is nothing really new to many voters.

Here are some of my mixed examples of political hyperbole.

Vote for me I will create affordable health care for all.
Vote for me I will see that YOU have affordable health insurance.
Vote for me I will make sure everyone receives a living wage.
Vote for me, I will lower your taxes. Vote for me, I will bring all of our troops home.
Vote for me I will create millions of new jobs.
Vote for me I will bring millions of job back home.
Vote for me we will become energy independent.
Vote for me I will control inflation and your cost of living will come down.
Vote for me but I can’t get the banks to pay you any interest on your savings.
Vote for me I will make the Wall Street bankers pay their fair share.
Vote for me and there will be no more real estate rip offs.
Vote for me I will kick out all the lobbyists with their suitcases bulging with cash.
Vote for me and I will work to pay down the national debt.

Vote for me I will bring all of our troops home and drastically cut foreign aid.

This is not hyperbole, vote for me or not, I will have my lawyers write so many new amendments and propositions, the next time you vote you will have to stand in line for two days, so bring your lunch with you.
You will not be able to understand the meaning of any of those new propositions or amendments either unless you bring your own lawyer which you. We are trying to stop the urge to vote!