Wishful View Window

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Have you ever been so poor that you didn’t have a pot or a window to through it out of?

I thought I saw a window of opportunity opening up, put my hands on the window sill to look in, the window slammed down on my fingers.

I went to the McDonald’s drive up window. I reached out for my Big Mac and it dropped on the ground.

I went to the drive-up window at the bank, the wind blew my paycheck across the street.

Tried to get my flu shot at Walgreen’s drive up window.

The driver’s side electric window on my car stuck open a hundred miles from home, good thing it was only -20′ F.

I had my designated driver, drive me to the liquor store drive up window every morning, in the good old days.

We boys never hit a baseball through our own windows.

Anxiety used to make me think about going upstairs and jumping out the south window, never north.

A deer jumping through your picture window will make you drop the remote control.

Window washing might wear out the glass, that is why we refrain from doing it.

The astronauts had a small window of opportunity for liftoff, just before the hurricane blew their lights out.

Every government buildings will soon have Thermolite windows.

Many service stations have employees behind bullet proof windows.

I stayed in a hotel once, the fire escape was a rope tied to the steam, heating register. I just know, in the panic, I would place the end of that 40-foot rope in my hot little hand and jump out of the window. In my haste, I would never think of lowering myself slowly to the ground.

I am looking forward to Spring and opening ALL the windows in this house.