Grandfathers on Olson side of tree.

Ole and Johanna

Our great-great-grandfather.  

Ole’s birthplace.

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Ole Estensen Hoel  
Birthdate: December 02, 1816  
Birthplace: Hoelen, Folldal, Hedmark, Norway 

Our great-grandfather. 

Ole Olsen Hoel  
Birthdate: April 28, 1844  
Birthplace: Skorpen, Skjervøy, Troms, Norway 


Our grandfather. 

Cristian Andreas Olson Hoel  
Birthdate: July 18, 1886  
Birthplace: Nordbotten, Kvænangen, Troms, Norway  
Death: 1957 (70-71) 
I have started to wonder how accurate genealogy testing is. My test shows that I’m 97% Finnish and 3% Norwegian. My grandma Minnie Grape was Swedish, there should be a little Swede in me someplace. Ole at Crimson Lake  

Ole and his brother Eston, went to Alberta Canada around 1905 and settled near the Rocky Trading Post. They remained there for the rest of their lives.