Geezer Graduate



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I am starting to believe that life is full of contrasting times. Most of my life I have felt young at heart, body, and soul. There were no thoughts of old age. Now lately I have come to believe that I’m becoming the epitome of what it means to be an old geezer. I cannot understand how this all came about so quickly! Maybe my 75th birthday was the turning point.

I started thinking about some of my past years. Many of those were fairly trying and harsh. You might say I have been tried, tested and tempered from a long trek here on old Terra Firma! When I look back at my life, at all the different things that I have been through, I have to ask myself. “Why did I never jump ship?” Why didn’t I bail out at the first signs of trouble.” I knew I was going to have a hard life to live in 1964.’ I have continued on for over 50 years now for some reason. There are many posts on My Mixed Blog about stuff that has happened to me. Cats have nine lives? I have been one lucky cat!

I think as we become the epitome of a geezer graduate we have an obligation to share our lives with the younger generation. There is a very slight chance they may not listen to our sage advice. We should still try to tell them some of the things that might be in store for them. To let them know there are ways to avert some of the situations of this world. Such as drinking and driving and going to sleep at the wheel. As I did. I wrote about that in one of my stories on my blog site. That was a life-changing moment that happened in 1964. I have refused to give up the good fight, to live through.

I am here to share as much as this old geezer can possibly share with the rest of the world. My message is, “Life is the greatest gift you are ever going to receive.” Cherish that life, protect that life by taking care of your body and your mind! Stay away from drugs and alcohol. If you have any weakness in your system stay away from them!! If you are one of a special group of people who can have a drink with friends, an after dinner drink or a glass of wine before bed, more power to you. Overindulgence in anything will help shorten your precious life.

I read a book one time titled When Bad Things Happen to Good People Written by Harold S. Kushner. I didn’t read this book simply because I felt I was a good person being wronged. I read this book because many people that I have known throughout my life had bad things happen to them. Or to family members. That same old question always comes up, why do bad things happen to good people? It is as if we are saying. “Why does God let bad things happen to good people?” That is not part of the equation. Actually, bad things happen to us because we live in this world and this can be a very bad, bad world. Even on a good day!

This modern, fast-paced, happy go lucky, the world has millions of people who are not satisfied by just having a healthy body and living a fairly good life and having a loving family. They insist on putting some type of chemicals into that body and they have no idea. Most of the time where the drugs came from or if they can do harm. That should be a no-brainer for everyone, educated or not. Don’t inject, snort, huff, whiff, drugs or drink alcohol. if you have a healthy body, respect that body. Take care of it, unless you want to die young in a body damaged by your own hands.