Grandfathers on Olson side of tree.

Ole and Johanna

Our great-great-grandfather.  

Ole’s birthplace.

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Ole Estensen Hoel  
Birthdate: December 02, 1816  
Birthplace: Hoelen, Folldal, Hedmark, Norway 

Our great-grandfather. 

Ole Olsen Hoel  
Birthdate: April 28, 1844  
Birthplace: Skorpen, Skjervøy, Troms, Norway 


Our grandfather. 

Cristian Andreas Olson Hoel  
Birthdate: July 18, 1886  
Birthplace: Nordbotten, Kvænangen, Troms, Norway  
Death: 1957 (70-71) 
I have started to wonder how accurate genealogy testing is. My test shows that I’m 97% Finnish and 3% Norwegian. My grandma Minnie Grape was Swedish, there should be a little Swede in me someplace. Ole at Crimson Lake  

Ole and his brother Eston, went to Alberta Canada around 1905 and settled near the Rocky Trading Post. They remained there for the rest of their lives. 

My New Norway Linkage

I have learned through a dedicated group of very talented writers and historians that my links to Norway go back, much farther than I thought. I would like to share some of that information with you. My great-great-grandfather was born near Trondheim in 1816, much of this history was long before that.

I find it very interesting, delving into old history from centuries ago. To read how some people with very little felt blessed. Many sacrificed and suffered just for their daily existence. It shows that humans continue to strive, in spite of obstacles. To pursue better, press on to make life better. Some found they could claw their way out of a hot, stinky, copper mine only to crawl onto a sailing ship and become a fisherman. Their reward was unlimited fresh air. Maybe walk out into the forest with ax in hand a hard but honest living. Many traveled across the ocean to mine copper in a new country. In 1670 Sir William Davidson was allowed to start mining for copper in Klaebu, south of Trondheim where he first met some of my family. He didn’t make many friends with working people.


Husband of Christina Hohendorf
Catrine Richte, Father of Brostrup Jacobsen Tax and Mette Richter Father of Brostrup Jacobsen Tax and Mette Hernes


Gender: Male

Birth:   1630  Freiberg, Sachsen, Germany Death:   1698, Trøndelag, Norway.



Christina Hohendorf

You → Frank Olson your father → show 6 relatives → Brostrup  Jacobsen Tax her father → Christina Hohendorf his mother share this path.


Sir w

           Sir William Davidson of Curriehill

“In 1670 he was allowed to start mining for copper in Klaebu, south of Trondheim. His note from King Kristian IV of Denmark was given to him October 14. 1670. The date is in references from letters sent to and from the king Kristian IV of Denmark. He started Ulrichsdal Mining Company, and build a melting-cabin at Hyttefossen in Klaebu. There are still rest of his building there. He also mined for iron at Mostadmark in Malvik east of Trondheim. The rest of buildings are still there. He became broke and owed the king a lot of money, and suddenly he was gone from Trondheim, but his history still lives, and so do his buildings.”

I have seen it written somewhere that he left Norway with a gun pointing at him, the gun was being held by one of the Tax Brothers. Sir William Davidson’s welcome had run out.

The book Bergmannsslekten TAX was written depicting early copper mining in Norway.
“… an impressive family history work … Through the general mining history story and the long and detailed biographies of rockers at different levels, this book is not only interesting for the descendants of the Tax Brothers, but also for others who are interested in mountaineering or mining history in general. ” (Knut Bryn in Genealogue No. 2/2010) Read more
“… a family history research … impressive wide source material” (Finn Karlsen) Read more
“… as well as young people as well as well-behaved are mentioned as far as the sources are coming. And it has become a lot of nice social history.” (Odd-Arne Helleberg) Read more
“Unique about mines, general and local history” (Eastern Norway, 24.11.2009) Read more
“… a rare booklet … a link of family history and Norwegian and local mining history” (Labor Court, 25.11.20


From Pompeii to Pulitzer


Daily Prompt
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From Pompeii to Pulitzer
I have been feeling really ancient lately. I seem to be doing everything in slow motion. It is an effort to just get out of bed. It is a big effort to get myself dressed another challenge is putting my shoes on. The next effort is taking nourishment to refuel my ancient carcass. Going out of the apartment might be equated to traveling to another universe. Getting back into bed at night should be a slam dunk but it is not, just more effort.

I decided to look up the meaning of ancient, this is what I found, belonging to the very distant past and no longer in existence. I almost did a backflip in my exuberance over the knowledge that I must not be ancient because I still exist. This was a very big day for me, even thought about going jogging, until I woke up.

My connection to the ancient past still haunts me in a positive way. Why? I have to figure out what that connection is. Was I an ancient philosopher in the city of Pompeii? Was I there for the eruption of the volcano in A.D. 79? I couldn’t have been there for that or I would be preserved in part of the ruins of that ancient city.

Maybe I was killed in the volcano in that ancient Roman city and I was reincarnated as a rat. I scurried onto the first Viking ship that docked there and went back to Norway. After other reincarnations in the 1600s. I begin to study writing feverishly. Or did I get scarlet fever trying to write at such a fever pitch! My health was in very serious danger at that time also.

My goal was to become the first recipient of the prestigious Nobel Bloggers Prize.
I’ve been thinking about my serious dilemma all day today. It is no mystery, there should be no wonder or question about my physical condition, for feeling so ancient, I’ve been working on my goal for hundreds of years.
I don’t see an end in sight. I will just have to keep on blogging.

My Two Cities Helsinki and Bangkok



The Rock Church in Helsinki



The Prompt: A Tale of Two Cities––If you could split your time between any two cities in the world, what two cities would those be?

My two cities would be Helsinki and Bangkok.

I would spend the summer months in Helsinki and call it my home base, from there I would travel to different countries in the region where my ancestors came from. Helsinki is a very beautiful town and the capital of Finland, it is located on the Gulf of Finland not far from the Baltic Sea. The population is around 1.5 million people. I would visit everything there is to see  there first and enjoy all the local cuisine.

My first side trip would no doubt be to Lapland, reindeer country, the land of the Sami people or reindeer herders. That is where my paternal grandmother Minnie Virtinen came from. They are a very hardy and proud people. I would love to spend some time there and get acquainted with people who are related to my grandmother. Taking a ride on a sled pulled by reindeer, and would surly have to milk a reindeer. When a reindeer was killed, it is said,”The liver was quickly removed and eaten raw.” I might pass on that one.

My next side trip would be Kaafjord Norway where my paternal great-grandfather Ole Hoel came from, our family history there goes back several hundred years. They were fishermen miners, blacksmiths and no doubt some of them were Vikings at one time back in history. I would eat all of the salted herring available while there. My great-grandfather and his two brothers came to America in 1868, they had four sisters who remained in Norway. There would no doubt be many cousins to visit while I was there. My great-grandmother died on the trip to America or shortly after they arrived.

My third side trip would be right in the country of Finland to my maternal grandfather’s town. Oulu Finland. His name was Kalle Vayrynen. He came to America with a couple brothers and sisters in around 1870. The Vayrynen family history in that region goes back to the time the first records were kept. While there a steaming hot sauna, followed by a naked plunge into the lake would have to be on the agenda.

My fourth trip for the summer would be to Sweden to my maternal grandmother’s home town Ruskola, Overtornea, Sweden.
By the time I get there I should be ready to sit down and visit with my blonde haired and blue eyed cousins. Or maybe white haired and cataract covered eyed cousins. It will be a fun time.

November has arrived and I want to get an early start for Bangkok. This might be a shock and awe experience. I hope to fly into Don Muang International Airport just for old times sake. I spent two months there in 1961, as a member of the Able Mable Reconnaissance Task Force. The long  cab ride into Bangkok will bring back memories of many trips to the city.

If they still have the three wheeled cabs in Bangkok, I might walk. Two of us rode a three wheel scooter cab once, the driver weighed about three hundred pounds. Sixty miles an hour in bumper to bumper traffic, very exciting! It will be great to take pictures with a modern camera that does justice to the subjects or objects. The Golden Buddha never looked right in black and white. I should check to see if the Nippa Hut is still open, what the heck I have all winter.