I’ll Fly Away

fly away.jpg


“I’ll Fly Away, Oh Glory, I’ll Fly Away”

It is a true blessing to be young and healthy, to live without any devastating disease such as cancer or juvenile diabetes and many other things that haunt all ages. We should protect that good health with everything we have available to us from lifestyle attitude to exercise. One way might be to visit a Care Center for the elderly on a regular basis. A mental picture is worth more than any amount of words.

We all take health for granted until something goes wrong with the body. We automatically say fine, when someone asks. “How are you doing, how are you feeling today? The answer is usually fine, or good when many times we are not. As we get older that happens more often, we have many more days that are not fine. The hurting times become stronger and last longer. We start to entertain thoughts like ‘enough already,’  going to a land where joy will never end, pain is no more.

Getting old should be a slow process, like walking into a cold lake, a little at a time, no shock involved. As we do get older, there is some shock as the body wears out, we start to think more about this in the frequent tired and weaker last days. There is comfort in these words, “Just a few more weary days and then,” “I Will Fly Away.”