Aimless Life



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Some feel their life is aimless. It seems impossible for anyone to live a truly aimless life. They might feel sorry for them self and think their life is aimless. If they find some gratification or comfort in that, their life really isn’t aimless after all. They found satisfaction in leading an aimless life because it made them feel like the underdog. The one picked on and always getting the smallest piece of the pie. Life has so many good things going on that you can access, it would be much better for you to aim at them.

To have an aimless life you would have to live a life without purpose or direction. Every life has some direction built right into it. From the time your born, your life is not aimless, your here to die, that is your goal. Every life should have some type of purpose besides that. Your purpose should be a little more than a station for processing and eliminating food. Life is truly a banquet but it is also much more, it is a festival of feelings, hopes, goals, loves and sharing.

You no doubt have had someone else to share part of your life with, either parents or siblings. They will all be trying in some way to show you purpose in life, they will have many ways of succeeding in doing that. So as much is you may want to have an aimless life, you will have trouble doing it. There will always be others around you helping, encouraging, cheering you on to a purposeful life. It looks like a lot of hard work, a real daunting task to live an aimless life, it will be much easier to follow the masses down the other road.

You may have to go off by yourself, to a little corner of the earth and keep saying to yourself, “I have an ungratiffied, haphazard, aimless life with no purpose.” I’m just going to wander around aimlessly and be unhappy with the fact that I walk alone and live an aimless life. I will be so aimless I will not even find anything within myself that I can define as gratifying.

I will have to be very careful about what I think. If I have one pleasant thought, or memory that brings any gratification to my aimless soul, that would spoil the whole process of my aimless life, I wouldn’t be aimless after all. Shame on me, as much as I wanted an aimless life, I spoiled it all with a memory.