If we were having coffee…
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I am a newbie here at the weekend coffee share community, I would like to share a story about me and my brother at the local coffee shop. I feel like I got my education out behind the barn, I was not a regular at the local coffee shop. My brother earned his degree there. He was a regular daily visitor. Well known by the whole coffee hour group. He passed away on March 8, 2016 and is missed by many.

My brother very rarely wore shorts, knee pants, one steamy, hot, July day he went to coffee hour wearing some cut off shorts. He walked in the front door of the coffee shop after most of the regulars were already seated and busily solving world problems and handling local business and such. As he walked through the front door all the talking stopped. You could have heard a pin drop.They all looked at my brother and One old fellow quietly asked, “Is Harlan walking in, or riding in on a chicken?” The place roared with laughter. His legs were rather skinny, he didn’t ware shorts to coffee after that.

Coffee times can be very enlightening. People get relaxed and share many things about their personal lives and show interest in what other people are doing in their lives. Depending on who makes up the group at the coffee table, it can turn into a gossip session. Everyone knows what happens to a story, if it gets retold a few times, many changes can get made to that original story. It would be like, ‘the Parson was spotted with a strange young lady, riding in his car.’ After that story made the rounds it no doubt had several edited endings.The Parson was called by the young lady after her car would not start and he offered to drive her to work. No news in the original version.

We as individuals all have much to share, about things that have happened recently in our lives or long ago, our jobs, differences in education and training. There is much to share with one another, very constructive and positive, rich, friendship building stuff. Even much better than some of the richest flavored coffees on the market. Coffee and personality flavors make for some great coffee time memories. To care and share over a cup is good for what ails us.