Meddlesome Mom


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Meddlesome Mom

Life has always kept most individuals busy taking care of their own business, or life issues. If people develop a nose problem and stick their noses where they’re not supposed to be, in someone else’s business, that could be a way to get a nose out of joint or maybe even broken under serious circumstances.

In our new world of turmoil, stress, strain and prescription medications for everything from gastric reflux to hypertension we seem to think it is alright to meddle in other people’s affairs. Meddling is not something that comes from modern living, back in the Roman Empire meddlers ended up in the lion’s den.

Why do we meddle in someone else’s life or someone else’s business? It is the other person’s life, not ours! If we take it upon ourselves to try to manage someone else’s problems we are sure to overlook some of our own that require care and fixing.

As parents, it is our duty to meddle in our children affairs when they are small children, as a way of guiding them in doing the right things with their lives. Where do we draw the line on meddling when we’re raising our children, where do we find the right cutoff point so we’re not meddling in their lives?

If you spend your life doing everything for your children, you better pray you live to be an old person. When you die, you’re going to leave your children as adults, adrift, not having anyone there to do everything for them. You meddled in their lives all the while they were growing up, and still meddled when they became adults.That would be considered meddling for a lifetime. You don’t want to have to get a pass from the old folks home to go mow your kid’s yard, rake the leaves, or fix the screen door.

If you live your life minding your own business, not meddling in the next door neighbors or your children’s lives, your offspring will grow up to understand what a life is without meddling. It is much better for your children to learn about not meddling from watching your example as they grow up.

There will no doubt be times when your children get into their adolescent years when you’ll have to make a decision, do I use tough love, or do I muddle my way through this and do a little meddling?