Enjoy A Pause Please

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Daily Prompt: Pause

If in doubt, always pause.

Walk among the wildflower buds, with naked ears, no earbuds, pause to smell the different flowers.

Pause and listen to the birds singing in the treetops, try to translate the different messages being exchanged. The deep, hoot of a nocturnal owl disturbed by a roving raven will echo all around.

Pause and listen to the wind play sweet musical tunes as it passes through the tree branches and the different shaped leaves.

Pause and watch the baby Chipmunk, his curiosity can not be contained, he will soon be near your toes, as the mother watches from a short distance.

Pause to toss a pebble into the still brook, onto the mirror like water, pause and watch the ripples as they travel out from the center of the splash, count how many different frogs are quietly watching you.

Pause, test, and treat your nose by taking in the sweet aroma of the grasses and wildflowers, especially after a rain shower.

Pause, stand quietly a few minutes, a deer may come to see what you are doing, a rabbit might dash by, or a squirrel may sit just above your head and spoil it all by loudly announcing your presence.

Pause and just enjoy the silence that engulfs you, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth, quietly listen to your breathing and the beating of your heart. Pause and relax