Popular or Prudent

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Popular or Prudent

The popular thing to do most of the time is to take the easy unknown road, it is about 6 Lanes wide, bumper to bumper traffic, speed is no problem. The prudent road is under construction in places, it has a few potholes but it is safest, few take this road today.

I attended a funeral yesterday. It was more of a celebration of a complete and well-lived life. He was 98 years old. His prudent generation is the reason America has become so great and is such a leading world power. His age group stood for many things, family, faith, hard work, and service to the church, community, and country. I will not write his name here as that would be against what he believed in. He would never want accolades for himself. I wish I could say the same thing for the majority of the people today but, Individualism, inflated egos, fortune seekers and just plain refusal to work together is destroying the hard, dedicated work of past generations in this Democracy. The popular hot button issues rule government today while citizens watch in awe.

Obituary Of A U.S. Citizen

He was 98 years old and passed away on October 1st, 2017. He was born on September 11th, 1919 on a farm, went to Country School until the fourth grade when his family moved to a different farm. He completed his grade school and high school education graduating in 1937. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1941 and was discharged in October 1945. During World War II he was assigned to the USS Charles Carroll. The ship participated in six major campaigns to include D-Day at Normandy Beach.

He married his wife Ruth on April 3rd, 1947 they operated a grocery store until May of 1948. They then bought the City Cafe in another town. The restaurant was a true family business where all his children learned the value of hard work. In 1984 he sold the cafe to one of his sons.

He was a rural mail carrier for many years. He loved the sport of baseball and played as an amateur for many years. In 1970 he and a teammate were inducted into the South Dakota Baseball Hall of Fame.

He had a strong sense of community and served on church council, Commercial Club, volunteer fire department, and Meals on Wheels. He was a member of Trinity Lutheran Church, the National Association of retired federal employees. The men’s chorus and various committees. He was a past American Legion Post Commander and a member for 70 years. The area Chamber of Commerce presented him with a lifetime recognition award in 2012.

Grateful for having shared his life and blessed by his memory are his children, three sons, two daughters sixteen grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren had a host of nieces and nephews he was preceded in death by his wife, his parents, one sister. one grandson, four sisters-in-law seven brothers-in-law.

All of his children finished college and grew up to become outstanding citizens and bright lights shining in their own communities. Dad and Mom’s prudent lifestyles made them all popular. This should still be the American family way. It certainly doesn’t happen by accident or by chance, it happens because of right decisions, dedicated living, with purposeful goals in mind.


Eternity Travel Limited

High hard road Easy low road

High hard road
Easy low road

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Eternity Travel Limited

Life is a fleeting thing, we are only here on this earth for a very short time and then we are gone for an eternity. If you believe in returning to earth in a different form or as a different creature, the eternity question has been solved for you.

If you’re considering eternal life at another destination, it is best to have your travel plans made in advance. There is an old saying, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” I don’t know if that means it is filling with people faster but probably not if it is a bottomless fiery pit. It doesn’t sound like hell will ever be filled, there will always be places for new residents to warm up to.

The flip side is Heaven, it has always had favorable advertising on the streets of gold and all. You never hear of overcrowding, even on weekends. It sounds like a very good place to spend eternity. You go with the hope of seeing many of your old friends there. I have never read anywhere about heaven turning people away. Everyone in the world is welcomed with open arms if they truly want to go there. There isn’t much chance it will get overbooked but an early decision might be prudent.




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There is an old saying, only two things in this world are inevitable, they are “death and taxes.”
A change was inevitable at one time, now it is constant.

When you are born into this world you are automatically given a death sentence. The first thing you have to do is live out your life sentence. There is no way to escape, you will have to live out all of your days until you die. It makes no difference if you are in a prison or living in freedom, the sentence is still death. How you live your life will certainly determine at what point your death sentence will be carried out. If you are living in a prison you will have fewer choices on your lifestyle. You might even live longer with less bad options being available.

Some people will always decide they want to hurry up and live their life just as fast as they can, keeping the undertakers busy! Full speed ahead, enjoying all of the fun things that can be invented in this world to the max, 24/7 if possible. The majority of the fun things will cause the body to deteriorate at a much faster pace. Those who choose to live on the wild side will no doubt finish their life sentence in a whole lot quicker fashion than some others.

It is just some people’s nature to live a quieter, more laid-back style of life, eating balanced meals and taking care of their health and their bodies and doing regular exercises. They become the exception to the rule in many cases. They surprise the people who study the longevity of humans living in this world. The laid-back lifestyle folks may well live past the hundred year mark and are still very much able to negotiate their daily lives.

We live in a world of sickness, disease, and new bacteria being discovered almost daily. Death comes painfully early to many people of all ages. It robs them of the choice of life they wanted to live. The world is not fair, if your number comes up early you receive what you got but you might beat it and make death come back for you on a future day.

In our modern day and age, taxes are still inevitable. Millions of people live on low incomes today their taxes are not nearly as big a shock on April 15.They still have to pay sales tax and property tax on property they own. Taxes on food, lodging, luxury items, gasoline, wheel tax, fuel tax, electricity and more. There are many sin-taxes that can’t be avoided, alcohol, cigarette, bed, board, and drugs, the list goes on and on. Governments continue to legalize marijuana for the purpose of raising more tax revenue. More taxes will always be needed as governments learn newer and faster ways to spend the working person’s dollars. We know for sure that is inevitable.


If I Could Turn Back Time



If you could return to the past to relive a part of your life, either to experience the wonderful bits again or to do something over, which part of your life would you return to? Why?

Today’s assignment:” publish a post based on your own, personalized take on a blogging prompt. There was a time in this world when you got a lot of your “education out behind the barn.” now you can get smartened up a whole bunch right at WordPress.com.

WordPress.com chooses these daily prompts as a way to set our blogging minds in motion, shake the roost, rattle the cage to get some action, hopefully at a rapid learning pace. Now I find this new assignment an impossible thing to accomplish because I have no time machine. I am quite confident I will not find one, even at Radio Shack! I will give it a go though if one becomes available to me at any time in the near future. For that reason, I do not think I’m going to be returning to the past to relive any part of my life.

The prompt does raise an exciting question, everyone must have a special part of their life they would just love to redo. “To relive and not redo”, will just leave you wanting again. What has been done in the past, is over, no more, kaputz, finished. Why have another shot at burning an old bridge?

I know each day of my life has been guided, nurtured and molded or influenced by many different people. It would be an impossible thing to go back through my life and through all of my interactions with many different people, friends, family. teachers. employers, drill instructors, and others. The human being will never be changed by external forces or wishes. Any change will have to come from within.

The whole point behind these prompts is to set the mind in motion, get that high powered, high-velocity imagination churning out some thoughts, like throwing a little gas on the fire! The new prompt thought suggestions search for a entry into the mind, which level to enter, study, write, edit or publish? After much sorting and collating most goes to the round file.

Prompts make for a very exciting teasing event in the thought process, pushing our mental activities to new limits, maybe warp, if not turbo speed. The human brain is a very large, complex, wrinkled organ, yet influenced by proper prompting. The mind could take any story written or verbal, redo it, reformat, rewrite it, to have something new and possibly better each time. That must be where authors take the Blog ball and run with it.

There was one thing in my life I would use the time machine for. I would go back to a night in June of 1964. I would not get behind the steering wheel of my car. That is the night I received a broken back when I went to sleep at the wheel driving.
I haven’t had to travel back in time or use my imagination or recall drugs. I have relived that night thousands and thousands of times during my life. If that hadn’t happened I may have fallen out of my tree stand while deer hunting, stuff happens. Nothing has changed. Somebody once made this statement, “Trials and tribulation build perseverance.” I now know a few things about perseverance.

“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan Press On! has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”
‘Calvin Coolidge’

I was convinced that it was over; I was ready to give up; throw in the towel; call it a day. The human mind and life in that body came as a package deal. It is a stand-alone time machine, one package, it is almost incorruptible. If you continue to Press On and live the best life possible, you will overcome any obstacle that is thrown out to snare you. You’ll just be able to leap over it and not look back, you just keep on going.

That is kinda of what this blogging is all about, expanding and growing, always improving.
Blogging U.

Can’t Feel At Home


Blogging U.

There is an age-old question. “Was it God Who created man, or was it man who created God.?”
Tribes and peoples from all over the world since the beginning of time have believed in a creator maybe not the same God as some religions. People have lived their lives in different ways, with the belief that they had been created and some day they would spend eternity with that creator.
I decided to write this post as a way of reaching out and touching people who might feel they are undecided with the idea of a creator and everlasting life with that creator after they die. I have added an old song to my post

This world is not my home I’m just a passing through
My treasures and my hopes are all beyond the blue
Where many friends and kindred have gone on before
And I cant feel at home in this world anymore

Many who believe in a creator and live their faith, seem to have a peace they find hard to explain, because it can’t
be explained. They live a life without stress and strain and other unhealthy conditions. There creator is looking out for them.

Over in glory land there is no dying there
The saints are shouting victory there’s singing everywhere
I hear the voice of them that I have heard before
And I cant feel at home in this world anymore

For those people who are undecided on this idea of our creator caring about us, wishing us well, trying to keep us out of trouble and keep us from harming ourselves. Some might say, “I had a guardian angel protecting me last week when I was almost in a car accident.” Or I was just coming out of surgery and it seemed as though I was going down a long hallway with a bright light at the end and I was peaceful and I didn’t have a care in this world anymore, I felt I was going home to be with my creator. There are millions of stories like this exchanged all the time and it has gone on forever.

Oh lord you know I have no friend like you
If heaven’s not my home oh lord what would I do
Angel’s beckon me to heaven’s open door
And I cant feel at home in this world anymore

We can live in this world for many years if we take care of our bodies and eat right and exercise right. As we get older we start to realize many of our friends are no longer with us they have passed on. Some have the feeling that relatives are watching them from heaven and wishing them well and looking out for them. There is a peace in this too, it is hard to understand also.

Heaven’s expecting me that’s one I know
I fixed it up with Jesus a long time ago
He will take me through though I am weak and poor
And I cant feel at home in this world anymore

There are times in our lives something happens and we are in extream danger, the human body wants to live. We feel in danger of dying we start talking to our creator, maybe for the first time. Testing our wings at prayer, please help me, I don’t want to die. Please get me through this and I will be a new person I will turn over a new leaf, will quit my old wicked ways. This is like playing let’s make a deal with your creator but it doesn’t work. He wants your faith to be reflected in how you live your daily life, how you treat you neighbor.

Oh I have a loving mother over in glory land
I don’t expect to stop until I shake her hand
She’s gone on before just waiting at heaven’s door
And I cant feel at home in this world anymore

We don’t tend to think about our life ending until were getting into old age and our final chapter in this world. Then we have more time to consider the end is not too far away possibly. Have I done anything about it? Most all religions tell their people you will not find eternal life through your good works and trying to be a good person. It must come through your faith and your faith alone in the creator who made you.

Can’t Feel At Home
Author: na
Version: Carter Family
Discography: Not Available

Night And Day

Wise Old Owl

Wise Old Owl

Ghosts and goblins
and other nocturnal creatures rule the night

the staring and soaring of the owl causes the rabbit fright,
he will be caught by a hawk after first light

the hungry racoon will find your sweet corn patch
what he doesn’t eat will be turned to thatch

the mink and otter dine on frog legs,
undetered by the frog still watching them

the weasel found a hen on the nest
you can imagine the bloody rest

the muskrat buisily digs up cat tail roots and
stores them for his winter survival cache

big juicy bugs smashed on your windshield
best to clean them off before they dry

the burglar is busy checking locks and windows
regardless if the folks are home or not

people look up at the full moon,
footprints got to be there somewhere

North Pole dwellers have very long winter nights
when the sun doesn’t quite rise

truckers move the freight by night all keeping logs
all the night thoughts are filed away for future blogs


sun comes up, give thanks, you have another day
make the most of your day, only going to get one chance at it

say hello to somebody, makes their day better
they saying hello back is your gain

love your neighbor, every day
love yourself too

eat healthy, get extra bonus days added to your life
we get better with age, extra days will come in handy

exercise each day, use it or lose it
go for a walk and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine

plant a garden, be amazed by the way,
watching things grow every day

make each day better than the past
we’ll never know which day will be our last