Stone-tipped projectile weapons found in Africa are believed to be 71000 years old. Otzi, the oldest natural mummy was killed by an arrow.

In the 12th century, the crossbow came into existence and it changed battles and warfare considerably. It put fear into the hearts of noblemen who were always protected by heavy armor. A bolt or arrow fired from the crossbow could penetrate armor.

In the 16th century, the widespread use of gunpowder was supposed to make the bow and arrow obsolete.

Modern archers have numerous styles of bows and arrows for hunting and target shooting. If you are handicapped today and unable to use regular archery equipment, you can apply for a crossbow permit for hunting. Crossbows shoot a short Arrow called a bolt they will go through a deer or elk.

My Happy Places

img040In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Happy Place.”

When I was young my happy place was the golf course. I loved the game of golf, it restored and revived me, you might say it drove me. My body let me down I can no longer play the game of golf, unless it’s on a computer.

Another place that always restored my groove was a hunting place, for deer, waterfowl, or pheasants. Another happy place was fishing, it could be from shore, from a boat, or off from our dock at the edge of the lake, even through a hole in the ice.

One major happy place was growing a very large garden, all kinds of vegetables, even asparagus. I live where there is about nine months of winter. My wood shop was one more place to find that old groove.

Cradle Project

Cradle Project

My body no longer allows me to find my groove in any of these places. I only hope that I will find my new happy place in my blog site. My Mixed Blog and I should get along just fine.

I was very fortunate to have several happy places.