Christmas 1946


For this week’s challenge, preserve something ephemeral by transforming it.


Christmas 1946
I’m not sure if families were closer together 70 years ago or if I was just lucky to be born into a family that was close to each other. The two pages in this story are excerpts that I transcribed from my mother’s diary. A book from Finland with wooden covers and linen paper pages. The first page describes Christmas Eve and Day of 1946, the second page is the 26th’ through the 29th. of that same year. I feel fortunate as I read this today, I remember that Christmas quite well, I was six years old at the time and caught my uncle Edmund half way into the Santa Clause suit. There were real candles on the tree, this was before we had electricity. It was a very merry, magic, Christmas for about two dozen people that night at the home of Frank and Frances Olson.

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The second world war ended in 1945. All of my mother’s brothers served in the military during the war. That is one reason this was such a special Christmas for her dad. They all got together for Christmas in 1946 except Wayne who was still in Japan and Art was stationed in Alaska. Charlie Wayrynen got to see his sons return alive, none were killed in battle.

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