“Jesus alerts his disciples not to be deceived by the false prophets, who will claim themselves as being Christ, performing “great signs and wonders”.

How then should a person who professes to be a Christian live his daily life? Should he try to do things that will hurry up the end? Should you do what is wrong ‘in your own mind’ if you think it will bring about the end sooner? We live in a world controlled by man’s laws and elected officials.

How should that affect the way you vote? Do you vote for people who do not treat their neighbors as they would want to be treated? Is it right or wrong to vote for people who show no sign of loving their neighbor? Human nature prods us to speed up the end-time prophecy? It reminds me of early church history and cold jumpers.

I do not want to jeopardize my place at the cross by voting for what I know in my heart is wrong!

In Christian eschatology, the Antichrist, or anti-Christ, is a person prophesied by the Bible to oppose Christ and substitute himself in Christ’s place before the Second Coming. The term (including one plural form)[1] is found five times in the New Testament, solely in the First and Second Epistle of John.[2] The Antichrist is announced as the one “who denies the Father and the Son.”[3]
” The similar term pseudokhristos or “false Christ” is found in the Gospels. In Matthew (chapter 24) and Mark (chapter 13),

Going To Hell In A Handbasket




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Going To Hell In A Handbasket

I shall not succumb to the evil forces of this world. They are not only lurking in the dark alleys they control the brightest lit streets and Broadway plays. Evil has taken over most of the entertainment industry. At one time there was censorship to control pornography, today you cannot find family rated television programs unless you buy your own on tapes. I will not capitulate. I will simply leave the television set turned off and not waste money on movie tickets.

Illegal drug traffic is one of the biggest businesses in the world today. Now legal drug sales are taking control of millions of people’s lives as they become addicted to the over-the-counter and prescription medication. People in all walks of life fall for these easy drugs that seemed harmless at first but end up ruining their lives along with the lives of the family.

It is up to hospitals and doctors to control these drugs. They must not succumb, cave into the drug companies any longer. People of the last generation went through their whole lives without tables covered with pill bottles. Many lived to be 90 years old and all they ever took was an aspirin. Today we need a handful of pills to start every day, something is very wrong with this picture.

Young people by the millions have succumbed to the use of alcohol and tobacco, lung cancer is showing up in younger and younger people. Alcohol consumption continues to grow and is a problem in many schools, even the elementary schools have kids coming to class who have been drinking at home. That paints a very poor picture of their home life.

When the whole nation continues to succumb to evil of all types the future looks like hell. Going to hell in a handbasket. This is the defination.

To be ‘going to hell in a handbasket’ is to be rapidly deteriorating – on course for disaster.




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Reincarnation: do you believe in it?

“If you believe in reincarnation, you believe that after death a person’s soul is reborn in another body. Certain religions hold this belief as a central tenet, including Hinduism and Buddhism.”

“The Hindu or Buddhist doctrine that a person may be reborn successively into one of five classes of living beings (god or human or animal or hungry ghost or denizen of Hell) depending on the person’s own actions” This sounds like very good reasons to live a decent life, with being reincarnated as denizen from Hell being a possibility“.

The Hindu and Buddhists believe this, it is their doctrine, their belief and I’m not the one to say anything against it. It has been their belief since the beginning of their religion. I would imagine if I was of that faith my mother-in-law would be watching to see if I came back as a dog. Biting my mother-in-law on the leg would happen sooner or later.

The Christian Bible tells us after we die our soul goes to heaven. There is a time when the soul will get a new body. If the soul is properly accepted into Heaven it will get a new body. When you think about the idea of our earthly bodies, full of pain, cancer, heart disease, lungs all worn out and so many different things. The idea of having a new body sound very exciting. I guess I will go along with believing in reincarnation if that includes trading in my old earthly body on a new heavenly body. As I once said, “when I have my new Heavenly body and there is a golf course in heaven, there should be one, if it is Heaven, I will be playing golf every day, rain or shine.”