Hopeful World 2017

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Hopeful World 2017

The one-word prompt for New Year’s Eve 2017 is the word ‘Hopeful,’ a better word could not have been chosen for the starting of this new year. We in the United States will be starting a new year with mostly new political figures controlling our whole country from the nation’s capital. The actions of the past of divisiveness, partisan politics and cronyism and many other wrong things has taken away much hope from the citizens. That has been the prevailing atmosphere for many years in Washington DC. When 2018 starts, I hope we don’t look back, as those being the good years.

I believe that is why hopeful was the best choice WordPress could have made for the one-word prompt on December 31, 2016. My days of wearing party hats, using noisemakers when bringing in the New Year,  are things from the past for me. So to bring in the new year, I am one of the few people sitting in front of a computer screen putting my thoughts into my blog site.

We must be hopeful every day that we get out of bed that that day will go well. If we do our best every day and press on, our chances of being hopeful and happy are very good. Just being hopeful and not acting upon it, is a fairly wasted way of life. Our attitudes and actions are very good barometers of how hopeful we feel in our hearts and in our minds.

Man’s best hope has always been that good will prevail over evil, that is the hope that all religions talk about when teaching about good and evil. The evil road is usually fairly easy to travel without too many obstacles, the main obstacle of the evil road is, each day that you travel it, it takes more of your hopeful attitude out of your body and soul until you are traveling down the road as an empty shell without hope.

I have spent most of my life which has been 76 years up to this point, being hopeful about good prevailing over evil. In spite of the overwhelming worldly distractions, I still hold on to that hope, good will prevail. In the end, evil will be no more.

It is now possible through blogging, I would like to wish everyone in this whole world a hopeful, peaceful, fulfilling 2017. Please stop killing, terrorizing and torturing each other, all life is precious. Live and let live! The World is full of people who are hungry and starving. Let us all start to help one another, work together, instead of trying to destroy each other.

We all just want to live. Let everyone in this world be hopeful that our governments will all start to learn that. People love one another! I send out a call to all of the world leaders, “please” just take a long look at the citizens of your country, they will get along with everyone else in this whole world. Please learn from them and run your governments accordingly, please do this starting in this new year 2017.



Happy New Year




Stroke of Midnight
Where were you last night at midnight? Would you have wanted to be somewhere else?

Last night while sitting in my easy chair I came to realize the year 2015 is rapidly running out of gas. This year is going to be a whole lotta gone, real soon. Here I sit, wondering what I should do first turn down the thermostat or see if the cat has food and water. I best not chance to make a poor decision, better think about this a while. I had a list of resolutions that got lost under my chair, should look for it in 2016.

My mind drifted or wandered back to one year I was on a picket line on New Year’s Eve. Our trucking company was in ‘mistake mode’, something called a strike was in progress. I was due to have someone take my place, so my wife came and picked me up and we went out dancing and welcoming in the new year. Now that I think about it, that was 40 some years ago. We had a lively night, partied on, danced almost every dance. Somebody spilled something on the floor and all of a sudden my wife slipped and did a new dance move. One she wasn’t planning on, landed badly and broke her wrist. The New Year had already been ushered in, so we decided it was time to head for home. After she broke her wrist. I realized I didn’t need a designated driver that night after all. I took her to our small town emergency room the next day. The doctor said, “I’ll be down there to look at her arm soon as the game is over.” He said, “You waited this long, wait a little longer until I get there.”

Meanwhile back in my chair, I arrived at the conclusion, to turn the thermostat down no use wasting electric heat all night long. Then I proceeded to fill the cat’s dish with food and water. I better take my pills too while I’m doing these last-minute chores. It was rapidly approaching that bewitching hour so I turned the lights down and went to our bedroom. My wife had already been sleeping for close to one hour. I bent over and kissed her happy new year on the forehead, she had her CPAP mask on. She replied,”hrpffy nnhy to ue to.” So as soon as the ball fell, I covered up by this tired old body and went to sleep. 2016 was welcomed into one more quiet and cautious household.

The daily prompt asks the question, “would you rather have been somewhere else?” Well isn’t that a nice loaded question? For a retired party animal! The answer surely comes to mind instantly. Almost anywhere else where there is a party. No not really, my wife and I plan, to stay happy healthy and wise in 2016, prosperous we realize is already out of the question. Chicken soup and TLC (tender loving care)  on the daily menu.