Fortune Sharing


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Fortune Sharing

I have come to realize in my advanced years what my fortune is. It has been my fortune to be born into a family that never had a fortune. Everything was earned by the sweat of the brow, from hours of labor, “not some one else’s labor.”  Gain was made through grit and determination, nothing was easy. That kind of a life creates a fortune of well-being, good feelings, of peace and accomplishment that is beyond words. You might say, “blessed to be poor.”

To be born into a wealthy family you have to start at a young age with worry about managing your wealth. In this high-tech world, the big fish will eat you up, there is not much that you can do on your own. You will have to hire wealth management people to handle your fortune, then hope they are trustworthy. If they are good investors your fortune will grow,”you have to have money to make money.” You will become wealthier each day. This accumulation of wealth will bring you a feeling of high status, power and prestige. Not necessarily happiness, peace of mind and a life without stress and worry.

If your life only revolves around your love of fortune and how to continue to grow that fortune and then just pass it on to the next generation in your family without sharing any of it with the needy of the world. You might find your advanced years don’t have many feeling of goodwill in them. Your own soul is where it is at, what counts, feeling good about your life accomplishments.

There has to be feelings of great accomplishment that come from sharing your fortune. If you were blessed with good fortune, sharing it with others should come naturally. We have seen people like Microsoft’s owner Bill Gates share a vast majority of his fortune with needy people all over the world. His foundation has helped them to have better lives, with clean water, food and health care. After he started sharing his fortune, one of the next richest people in the world, the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet stepped forward. He placed a large share of his fortune into the Bill Gates Foundation.

Religions worldwide tell us, “It is always better to give than to receive. There are many reasons to give, why not give for the one and only main reason, “it makes you feel good,” when you feel good about yourself, it doesn’t get much better than that.