Has Waning Patriotism Caused the Statue Of Liberty To Cover Her Face?



Oh, my country so faithful to me.
Where now is my allegiance more?
Is it in that grand old flag?
“Or is it in my own credit score”

How many who have gone before?
“Fought and died for this great land”
They sacrificed, some gave all,
“so the rest could have a┬álife so grand.”

“We love our Independence Day”
Parades, picnics, and fireworks are all on display.
How much longer can this last?
“Our identities now bring out looks of dismay.”

“Our lives are consumed with trivial stuff.”
We see the enemy each place we look.
How can this be?
We gave up on reading the good book?

“Only through patriotism can our freedom endure.”
“A revived National Patriotism that is real.”
“Not just the use of the word”
“to make a political deal.”