Simplicity Stupid


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Simplicity Stupid

Keep it simple stupid or keep it, simple sweetie. When people long ago talked about keeping it simple. They said, “KISS”. The word itself cares, it sounds simple. Why over complicate things? Why not just say KISS the next time someone throws a barrage of complicated words at you. We try to use our education to complicate other’s lives. We make ourselves feel superior by using words that are not understandable by the average person. It shows power on my part if I have fired off a volley of 75 cent words to make myself sound very important. I could have gotten by using 50 cent words, or just 10 cent words and used less of them and possibly made my point easier at the same time. “The supreme excellence is simplicity.”

We are living in a very complicated world. There is no way we could keep anything simple anymore. Our days are designed to be complicated and full of stress. We should have acid reflux most of the day and all night. We lay in bed all night long with GERD. Our stomach juices are trying to come out of the nose and mouth. That is one sure way to have a simple sweet dream turn into supremely, the sour nightmare. Do not spend your nights thinking about your complicated daily encounters. That is the price we now have to pay for living in space/electronic age of simplicity gadgets and complicated lifestyles.