Life=Fake or Genuine


Apr 19, 2016
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There was a time in this nation’s past when people talked a lot about living in the Real World. Living in the real world must not have been easy. Almost everything was earned the hard way, by the sweat your brow and hard work. That time was probably around 70 years ago. We have evolved to a point here in 2016 where the real world has become the fake world. It is so much easier and so much more fun to live in a fake world than the real world.

In the real world, people bought items that they needed for daily life. They bought it because they needed it, they paid cash for it, and they owned the item. Today most things are bought on credit, it doesn’t make any difference whether or not the item is needed, or it was just something that caught their eye, in a advertisement. The problem is in this fake world. You don’t own that item until you get all of the interest paid from the time you purchased it. If you do as the credit card company would love to have you do, just make a minimum payment, you never will truly own your items. All of your income will be going for things that you purchased years ago, they will never be all paid for with that type of a payment system.

In our fake world today super markets and big-box stores are full of food items that are advertised as very nutritious and good for your body. The trouble is in the fake world, there is even fake cheese. Unlimited man-made, laboratory, artificial chemical foods, and additives that are mixed together for drinking, eating, snacking or whatever the case might be. You can still get real butter, but there are dozens of artificial, bet you can’t tell it’s not butter, butters.

There is still real milk, it comes from cows who are confined to life in a large building with thousands of other cows from the time they are old enough to produce milk. They will see green grass possibly and the outdoors. when they can no longer produce enough milk and are being hauled away. There is a fake milk for people are lactose intolerant.There are still eggs that come from real chickens, they resemble eggs, the yolks are always a sickly yellow. Poor chickens never see a kernal of corn. Laying hens never see or touch anything but the wire cage they lay the eggs in. If you can’t tolerate real eggs, there are fake egg substitutes.

Many of the cereal grains today have had universities doing genetic research on the seeds for years. Some of our grains are genetically altered, they are not the same grains we used to get back in the real-world. They are not necessarily fake grains, just genetically altered grain. Your Wheaties, Cheerios, Froot Loops, Rice Krispies, Cornflakes, and good old Oatmeal are still our breakfast cereals, genetic alteration or not, we eat our cereal, just as it comes.

At one time a pork chop tasted like a pork chop. In the fake world today many of the hogs fed for slaughtering and butchering are raised in confined quarters. They might see the light of day if a door gets left open, but will never dig in the good earth with their little piggy snouts. Beef for your best steaks is also raised in confinement for fastest weight gain. There is still the loss of muscle from the animals living an inactive life. That lack of muscle reacts the same way in hogs or beef, the meat doesn’t taste the same without that muscle that they used to develop living in the real world. It is not fake meat, just altered meat to satisfying the demands or needs of our fake world today.