Take Time For A Book

Dennis Baxter does a great job on this work.

Let your mind have some fun with this mystery book. Your inquisitive nature will have a great time. You will be tempted to continue reading non-stop to see who done what.  

If you prefer to sit back and try to relax as you quietly listen, you can also get this book in audio format.

 The Bay Area Bad Guys: Evil Personified






We are living in these GREAT new days of computer technology unlimited. The magic of the e-book seems to be taking Center Stage. I have been contemplating writing a novel for a couple years now and finally got the project finished. I had it published buy Kindle Create. The book can be read for free by Kindle book club members. It can be purchased through Amazon or Kindle for a very low cost at this time. I have included my internet connection to Amazon Author Central. My blog readers worldwide can take a peek at what the book looks like and preview it by clicking on the link that I’ve left at the bottom of this post. I thank everyone in advance for their consideration and possibly a positive review of my book. Thank you all and have a great New Year. Leland


Anger Phase




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This is not a fairy tale, but once upon a time there were phases of life. A person was born, lived as a baby, helpless without parental care. After that it enjoyed a playful childhood. For some reason today, a lot of children are coming out of childhood in very poor condition mentally and physically. They seem to be angry, if someone asks why they’re angry? They don’t really know, something must have been lacking in their childhood? Human nature surely would not allow people to become like animals without constant supervision. Human nature surely doesn’t have a flaw in it! As humans we surely must be developed beyond monkey see monkey do.

When the time comes for them to enter into late childhood or adolescence. For some reason they want to get all of their living done immediately, if not sooner. They want to experiment with alcohol, sex, drugs music and mystical powers. They would rather do everything that will upset their parents. It would seem. That probably isn’t an accurate assessment of the situation. Because many of these young people have no idea of what is right and what is wrong, it is just as if they have no conscience. We must call this the new age phase, there’s really only one thing that will bother them. Questioning the direction they are taking and their goals is off limits.

Many young people no doubt came from homes where the family lifestyle was not ideal. But today, millions of young people grow through their childhood years, their formative years in an ideal household. With a stay-at-home mom and a working dad who love them and spends time with them. They are taken to all the amusement parks, recreation places, pretty much given anything and everything that they desire. The parents thought they were doing a great job of raising their children and getting them through the very important formative years phase.

Most of these young people had a good education, already been through high school and possibly some college before they dropped out of life. Some simply tell mom and dad, I’m going to school when actually there are having party time 24/7. When a young person’s life is completely turned upside down and they show no active conscience. This becomes impossible for the parents to wrap their heads around. What did we do wrong? Why did the kid end up this way? Why do they have no desire to work or to help themselves? Why do they keep using drugs? Why has going to prison had no effect? Why do they steal, even from us?

The only right answer must be that mom and dad gave them everything they always wanted, never tough love, or rules. They have paid all their bills as they wrecked cars and got into trouble. They kept borrowing money knowing it was never going to be paid back. They are resigned to the fact that the kids are going to keep on lying to them, no matter what they do. You can’t say no to them because you love them. They are your children they expect you to love them, unconditionally.

This phase of life that comes somewhere during late childhood or adolescence and early adulthood must be a new life phase that is being developed to completely destroy the family unit and society as we know it on this planet. There are absolutely no answers to help people who choose the life phase known as self-destruction.