False Witness

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False Witness

Whenever I see the word witness, I automatically think of the 8th commandment. “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor” The 10 Commandments have carried a lot of weight for all of mankind ever since Moses carried the stone tablets down from the mountain. The court systems worldwide swear in witnesses with one hand on a Bible. A court of law, the foundation for telling of the truth, is that courtroom.

When witnesses swear under oath that someone committed a crime and that witness is lying, the consequences for the person being tried are very serious and very unfair, as he is sentenced for a crime he did not commit. Someone could bear false witness against another, even under oath for many hateful reasons. That is why it is such an egregious crime.

Our complicated legal system creates a lot of hourly pay for attorneys, who do the groundwork of rounding up information to aid in their clients defense. He wants the best witnesses he can possibly get. He also wants to have a chance to question and pick the jurors that might lean his way on the case. In many cases the person with the most money or privileged position can also have the most influence on the jurors that are picked. This could quite possibly bring about an unfair trial but the system allows for that with an endless appeal process.

Government or business whistle blowers who decide to spill the beans about fraud or gang land criminal activity have access to a witness protection program that is run by the Justice Department. This program, in a lot of cases is the only reason they can get a witness to testify. The witness protection program is quite costly and is no guarantee of safety for a witness. Those in charge of the program can be bought off, and divulge the location of someone. Some will seek revenge against a former witness endlessly.

“As of 2013, 8,500 witnesses and 9,900 family members have been protected by the U.S. Marshals Service since 1971.\l ”
“Around 17 percent of protected witnesses who have committed a crime will be caught committing another crime, compared to the almost 41 percent of parolees who return to


Deprived Children



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As parents, why do we deprive our children of love? No matter how busy we are, we should find time to show them that we love them and tell them that we do. That is the only way they can grow up learning to share their love with someone else. If we deprive them of love as youngsters. They will miss out on the main thing in life, love thy neighbor. To grow up confused by what love is all about is wrong.

As parents, why do we deprive our children of learning obedience? They should know obedience in the home first and to play with other children in the neighborhood. They have to know obedience so they can get along with the other children. They must know obedience as they start school. They have to obey the teachers, if they are going to get an education. We have to use obedience every day, laws are written as guidelines for everyone to live as lawful citizen in society. Laws are the only thing that can guide and bind a group of people together in a community. We have to obey those laws.

As parents we must not deprive our children of learning to share with others. They must share with their siblings first then to share with others. If we don’t teach them how to share what they have with others, they will grow up being selfish. Not realizing they should share what they have with others in society, would bring an end to charity.

As parents we must never deprive our children about learning to tell the truth. Being truthful nurtures a healthy conscience. The conscience should control truthfulness. If neither are learned, it is a combination for a life of trouble, turmoil, and toil. There will be many troubles later on in life. If we tell a little white lie, even small children will pick up on it right away. They will think Daddy lied. I guess It will be all right if I do too. Everything in life starts to fall apart and unravel if people lie to each other. If a person gets a reputation as being a liar life will be very hard to live.

As parents we should not deprive our children of anything that will keep them from being the best citizens, they possibly can be in this society. That is our obligation as parents, do not deprive our children of anything that will educate, strengthen and encourage them.