Rose Garden


“Didn’t you bring a shovel?” Dan,”I asked you to bring one.” There is one thing missing, it wasn’t on aunt Sophie’s estate sale. I bet it is in a watertight box buried in her rose garden. Someone bought her prized wallpaper brush and the kerosene lantern she used in the attic at night. The big old burlap bag she kept everything in was also on that sale. Nobody had any idea what those items meant to Sophie. “That is just the point, nobody had any idea, because all of it was a rumor a generation ago.”

Sophie was a very prominent wallpaper hanger by day. She had her own printing sideline by night, with a little hand cranked printing press. She could turn out hundred dollar bills that would fool anyone at the Treasury Department

That old rumor should have died along with uncle Joe, years ago. You and I are the only ones living who know about this. Out of respect for the memory of aunt Sophie, let’s end it here today. That is why I didn’t bring the shovel.