Eat Healthy


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The Daily Post
May 15, 2016
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Eat Healthy

Healthy, my what a simple easy word that now controls the power of modern medicine. Without a doubt the word healthy is a word that we are going to see 24/7/ 365 for years to come, if not for decades. There is a very simple reason why the word healthy is going to be in front of everyone’s eyes and in their ears. Healthy must be placed into us like other advertising, on the news, in newspapers, magazines, TV shows, radio shows, and no doubt even modern songs coming out will be about the word healthy.

The United States of America probably has the worst healthy track record of any country in the world. We have spent almost one generation eating very unhealthy diets. The U.S. is so over weight it is a wonder the rotation of the planet hasn’t changed! We will soon enter an era where the majority of the people are going to be needing extensive healthcare. The cost is going to be astronomical. The complete budget of the United States annually will possibly not cover the health costs alone in the future. Changes have to be made, should have been made many years ago. No one had the guts to do it. Time is rapidly running out, the do nothing Congress will have to act.

The insurance companies have raised their rates to the point people will just quit getting health insurance or take out huge deductible policies so they are covered for the catastrophe of a large hospital bill. It doesn’t have to be serious, life-threatening disease or illness anymore. Hospital bills can easily be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per person range. No way they can all be paid. Everyone will have to be in some type of health program and that is why the word health is going to be crammed into our heads until we don’t want to hear it anymore. People feel if they get sick they can always just go to the emergency room, the sad thing is it will probably have a lock on the door. Everyone can’t get care that way forever.

For well over a generation, we’ve been eating very poor diets, getting away with it by asking the doctors for prescription. Pills will allow us to bring down our high blood pressure and cholesterol numbers so we can still eat lousy food from drive-up windows and other fast food places. There is at least a generation of type II diabetics ready to start using the medical systems. The cost of that by itself is truly unbelievable. When it comes to diet and eating healthy foods. We have become the most complacent people on the globe. It must be out of sheer laziness and not wanting to cook and prepare food at home. We chose the convenience of fast food and no cleanup in the kitchen afterwards. That is the driving force steering people to the drive-up window to fill up on junk food. Almost every day of the week.

There is only one possible way that this can be solved without pharmaceutical companies making truckloads of pills for us to take to allow us to eat lousy diets. The solution is eating wholesome, healthy foods and doing it on a regular basis. Restaurants can do a lot better job turning out foods that are healthy, delicious, balanced  meals. School lunch programs were some of the first ones to get the ball rolling and cleaning up the diets for kids going to school. It has been a good starting point and will have to continue to show that it is working as healthier students are graduating from school.

Many people want to have free healthcare and not eat right and take care of their bodies. When the word healthy is really taken seriously by our lawmakers in Washington DC they have the power to make unpopular events happen. You can bet your health on new laws being passed. Some examples might be regarding weight control, the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Food contents will no doubt all have new laws written to protect the consumer.

This is something that has been snowballing, been getting worse each decade until we have reached the point of no return. If we are ever going to have a healthy society changes have to be made now. We can expect a lot of changes are going to be in the works at every level city, state and federal. Our Honorable Lawmakers will take it upon themselves to create laws forcing us to change our ways. If we cannot take care of our own bodies and stop to consider what the word healthy really means.

Healthy bodies can be maintained by just eating healthy diets. Now isn’t that amazing! What?

The Newspaper


Apr 11, 2016
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We are living in a modern age of instant news all over the globe in a matter of seconds. The newspaper industry has really taken a beating when it comes to loss of subscriptions. More and more younger people and middle age are giving up their newspaper. There are so many other ways to receive today’s news, In a lot of cases, long before the newspaper has it printed.

There is almost a generation of people who are keeping the newspapers alive with their active subscription. Most of these people are not familiar with the computer and will no doubt not have anything to do with computers during the rest of their lives. After that generation is gone. It’s going to be only computer minded people receiving the news, if there is any interest in receiving news in the future. It has become very popular to stay disconnected from national and world events. Politics got to the point that it disgusts people, they just don’t involve themselves anymore. That paints a sad scenario for the future of the country.

The small town newspaper or the weekly newspaper will no doubt continue as they are because they serve mostly just a local community. They supply that community with the local knows that they want to share and they also have outlets to other larger media that can supply them with events as they happen. The newspaper has been doing a great job all over the world and in the United States since around the 1700′. Newspapers up to this point have always been a part of daily living. Almost every family had someone at one time who was a newspaper carrier.

If something should ever happen with cyber wars and a breakdown of our worldwide communications systems and satellites and other methods of communications. The newspaper will probably be long gone and it will be very hard to revive after it’s gone. We want to put all of our eggs into one basket, and then think that basket is untouchable. It could be all gone in a blink of an eye.

Nanotechnology, electronic wizardry, unimaginable events and equipment to entertain our every wish as far as shock and awe. Goals in entertainment, communications, virtual reality are taken for granted for decades to come. In many instances today reality and virtual reality are so mixed up, we don’t know what is fact and what is fiction.

We wonder why our puny little human mind gets confused, as we witness the world and what is happening around us. It should be fairly easy to understand. We need the newspapers comic section more than ever before.

Nerve End


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Nerve End

Listen up, buddy boy. I’m the main nerve in the last curve of your large intestine. You better start watching your diet or you’re going to kill both of us. If you have to have surgery because of the constant neglect of your diet, the guy with the knife will wack off part of your lower intestine. “You know what that could make me?” Yes, “get smart about it”, I could become an anal orifice.

You and I have to learn to work together as friends. You party on all night, eat or drink what you want, without any concern for me. I’m just along for the ride, bringing up the rear. All of the lousy food and drink you put into your body ends up passing through my position. I must say I don’t always enjoy it. You fill up on HOT Mexican food and the next morning I hear you holler, “come on ice cream.” You have to start eating more roughage and balanced meals so we can work together on a regular basis. I don’t want you sleeping on the job while I work overtime trying to see if we can get something to pass, it’s just not right. We haven’t had many accidents, yet!

Do you remember the other day in the city going up the elevator in that tall building? You had been eating a whole bunch of lousy cheese, you let one get out. I could have stopped that one. I let it go there in the elevator after the doors shut. I do have some power over you. I’m not going to call this blackmail but we have to start working together on what goes in and what comes out of your body.

All of the years we’ve been together. You have not bothered to show me any concern to speak of. You always think I will do just fine on my job without any assistance from you. Buddy boy it doesn’t work that way anymore. We are getting older, you have to help take care of the store. To keep from killing us both. just start thinking about the big nerve on the last curve. I know you ride that elevator every day.