Too Many Cooks Spoil the Gravy


Too Many Cooks Spoil the Gravy

I recently was made aware of these words of wisdom that have been in use for hundreds of years. My wife baked a chicken in the oven last Sunday, this creates a lot of leftover food for two people to consume. She decided on Tuesday, that we would have hot chicken sandwiches for dinner that evening. The idea was to put some leftover chicken on some bread next to mashed potatoes, dressing and a vegetable, then cover the potatoes and meat with a liberal helping of chicken gravy.
My wife started preparing the food around 5 p.m. She asked,” where is the strainer?” I replied, “in the cupboard where it always is.” I asked,” why do you want a strainer”? “She replied, to strain the chicken stock.” She got out the strainer and got it done and put the liquid into a pan. Then she announced that “she wasn’t feeling well and asked if I would finish preparing our meal?” I said, “I don’t mind doing that.” After she sat down, I went into the kitchen, the chicken was already out on the stove ready to be cut up. I thought I better prepare the gravy first so it was good and hot before I put the food on the plates.

I put her kettle of chicken stock on the front burner and made some thickening with flour and water. While I was waiting for the chicken stock to start getting hot to make the gravy, I cut up chicken meat put it on some sliced bread, put on a couple scoops of potatoes and some dressing along with some broccoli chunks. It was ready for the hot gravy and the microwave oven. The chicken stock started to boil, I slowly stirred in the thickening and soon had a very nice looking gravy, I tasted it with a fingertip it didn’t taste like chicken at all, I put in a big scoop of chicken stock base from a jar, and added some salt and pepper,

I continued to boil the gravy until it got nice and thick, it looked real good.
I put a liberal amount of gravy on each one of our plates, then gave each one about 3 minutes in the microwave oven, they were very hot and ready for the table. I announced to my wife that dinner would be served within a few minutes, so she better come to the table right now. When she got to the table she said, I don’t feel good, I think I’ll just eat some watermelon. I felt kind of bad, I went to all that trouble making the gravy that she just had to have, had the plates ready, all she had to do was sit down and eat but she only ate watermelon.

Food doesn’t seem to taste the same when you cook it yourself but my hot chicken plate did not taste right. I told my wife, I made caramel in your chicken stock kettle yesterday.”Did you wash it real good before you put your chicken stock into it? There was caramel stuck all over the inside of that kettle after I got done making the caramel corn. I don’t think you washed the caramel off the kettle before you put the chicken stock in. Oh yes, “I did she says.” Well, my gravy does not taste right!. I never waste food so ate almost everything on my plate.

I was going to be a real boy scout, later I did the dishes, there was some stuff in the food strainer, I couldn’t figure out what it was, after a closer examination I realized it was pieces of rhubarb. She had made rhubarb sauce on Saturday, she must have taken the rhubarb sauce out of the refrigerator thinking it was her chicken stock, strained the rhubarb out of the sauce then asked me to make chicken gravy with it!

I cannot believe it, this actually happened, I think possibly through all this madness, I have come up with a new type of sweet and sour sauce. How else could I have eaten that whole plate full of food? I just had another thought that is even crazier. Did she do this on purpose! Just to see my reaction, that is why she only ate watermelon? I guess nobody will ever know if it was a mystery or just Murphy’s Law at work.

Prov. Cliché Too many people trying to manage something simply spoil it. Let’s decide who is in charge around here. Too many cooks spoil the stew. Everyone is giving orders, but no one is following them! Too many cooks spoil the broth

Gone From Me

gone from me
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Far, far away is my love of yesterday

Her body is still here, her mind is still at home too. When she talks to me now it is like she addresses a different man though, raising her voice, it is hard to describe. She will raise her vioce and use a sarcastic tone of voice while making conversation over simple house hold tasks. She does not seem to realise this. If I comment about why the harsh tone of voice? I am shouting and not understanding what she said, it all seems to get turned around at that point.

I can’t just ignore her we live and survive together. These changes seem to be getting worse. She will ask a question to me from a different room, when I don’t hear it, the race is on! She has used this loud, defensive, tone for many months now, it is hard to imagine. This is something she does not realize doing. I am afraid she has no idea that she is doing it. Trying to talk to someone in a different room is difficult under the best of sircumstances, hearing loss just compounds the problem. I better work on an intercom system.

She has cooked her whole life and is a a licensed chef. In the past year almost every thing that she prepares has new ingredients added to them. If I comment, “you never put muschrooms in your oyster stew before, as an example.” She replies, “I most certainly did.” After grocery shopping in the past she would put thing away as soon as we got in the house. Recently she will start reading the mail or doing a crossword puzzel while the milk and everything sets on the table.

She is cold all the time because she takes blood thinners. The thermostat will get turned to high many times a day. I have to keep turning it back down or the place would be unbearably hot. She still sleeps most of the time because of the heat.

Lights left on, doors open, drawers open, shoes scattered about, burned pans, these are daily routine things. She takes many medications and is on oxygen 24/7. That alone, or old time dementia could be the cause for her confusion, alzheimers sounds far to drastic. This looks like the previews of things to come, I hope it is all family rated.



Far, far away is my love of yesterday
And she’s gone, gone, gone, gone from me, from me
Far, far away is my life, my love, my way
And wonder, where, where, where, oh, where can she be?

Days endless, days nights, dark
As may lonely, I’m lonely where can she be?
Far far away is my love of yesterday
Wonder, where, where, where, where, where, oh, where can she be?

Far, far away

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