Stroll For Life



May 8, 2016

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Stroll For Life

Life is far too fast paced, slow it down, take a stroll. Listen to your heart rate start to come down, relax, travel in the slow, stroll lane once in awhile.

If you don’t live near a wooded area. Take a stroll in your park, make it a very slow stroll, don’t be in a hurry. Every now and then stop and retrace your steps. You will be surprised at what you will see. A squirrel or a chipmunk will come up to you and say, hey, “let’s be friends.” If you stand still, it would be glad to come up and eat a treat from your fingers, if given the time to do it. Look up into the trees around you, you will no doubt see daddy squirrel keeping an eye on you. He is watching your activities, especially if you’re talking with his little ones.

There are many different birds to view, bring field glasses and a camera. You won’t see many of the mother birds, they are sitting down low keeping the eggs warm in the nest. You are in for a real treat on your stroll if you see a mother bird bringing food back to her little ones. All of their little heads bobbing up and down trying to see which one is going to eat first. Mama birds have their own system, she will feed each one in one in a certain order. If one pulls a trick and changes their pecking order. The mother bird should catch it, or one little bird will go hungry. A baby eagle had to be rescued once because her larger nest mate got far too aggressive and would not let her eat. So it was a choice to have her rescued or she would surely starve to death. I believe the little eaglet came out all right.

You may even see a deer in a city park nowadays, but if you are walking in other wooded areas, you will no doubt see a lot of deer. Deer have a very inquisitive nature. They know you in the woods near them. Stay real still and quiet, the deer will actually come looking for you. And if you are strolling out in the woods in bear country, it may be a good idea to have a small can of pepper spray along. The smaller bears, like black bear will always run away from you long before you know there even around. The big brown and grizzly bear on the other hand, may want a sample to see what flavor you are. Naturally pepper spray would be handy to have in your hand at that time.

A slow, quiet, leisurely, stroll in the woods will do a body of whole lot more good than many pharmaceuticals. Strolling in the fresh air and enjoying the sights of nature is the best medicine that has ever been produced on this Good Earth, we must all take advantage of it as long as we can.