To Muse or Not To Muse




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To Muse or Not To Muse

I never did muse much in my pre-blogging days. I’ve been blogging here for close to a year now. I find myself in a muse mode on a regular basis. Not amusing, my wife just told me, for sure I’m not amusing. I don’t amuse, just search for clues to what I’ll use in my next post, sometimes the clues come from the news, other times they come right from my little clues closet, or post put together and polish place, located between my ringing ears.

My noisy ears are the only thing that keeps me from wanting to snooze as I relax, eyes closed, mind ready to muse and send out wit, wisdom or what ever rises to the top and runs over into the production drip pan. Some times it overflows. With my chair half way back I have to be very careful because I have learned the hard way, it is best to muse in a working position. That keeps you from going to sleep, if you muse yourself to sleep, you snooze and you lose.