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False Lifestyle

There are actually two categories of lifestyles true and false.

Did you buy a bigger house then your friends Jack and Jill just to keep up with the Joneses? Jack and Jill fell down on their mortgage, that can also happen to you. If you continue to keep remortgaging your house to get spending money you will never have any equity in it. You could end up losing it all. To buy a fancy home with a mortgage payment to large for your income to handle is actually putting your lifestyle into the false category.

In the same respect, if you go out to buy a new automobile and you purchase a luxury automobile to park in your new three-car garage with a boat in one and your SUV in the other. You have three stalls of hefty payments for you to continue making without any problems with employment or income. You might be presenting a false lifestyle.

Do you have a pocket or purse full of maxed out credit cards and you’re making the minimum payment on them? Waiting for tomorrows mail to bring more credit card applications? If you’re living this way you do not have a true lifestyle you have a false lifestyle. You are living in a make-believe, wonderland built on credit. You know you can never live long enough to repay them.

People can easily say, ‘the credit card companies keep sending them out.’ So we use them. Why not? Everybody’s doing it, that is just the point. Soon the vast majority of the people in this country will be living a false lifestyle. They are not what they pretend to be, everything that they do, revolves around more borrowed money. They have become slaves to the lenders and they will stay that way unless some Bankruptcy Court, lets them file bankruptcy for another time.

Many people still have a true lifestyle, they pay off the balance due on all their credit cards at the beginning of each month they didn’t tie themselves up with huge payments for cars, homes, SUV’s, boats or property. They live according to their income and do not put on a show of wealth for the neighbors to covet. They have never tried to keep up with the Joneses, they are just everyday people who want to be free from slavery, not to be saddled with a lifetime of debt.

It is only a matter of time in this country until the majority of the people have come to the conclusion they have so much debt now there is no way of repaying it, so they may as well just keep on borrowing more and going deeper into debt. The lenders seem to be greedy enough to just keep loaning out more money, handing out more credit cards until the big greed bubble busts.

The economy of the country will collapse, inflation will be like it’s been in the Third World countries where you’ll need sacks full of money to do anything or to buy anything. All of this debt that has been accumulated didn’t have to be, it is like a voluntary tax, people are willing to borrow and pay so they can have everything they want right now.

The people who lived true lifestyles will end up losers, taxed by inflation in the end, but have peace within themselves. The people who lived false lifestyles will become the biggest losers when the lenders come to repossess everything.

  1. The Rise and fall of the Roman Empire is being Replicated in America. … Parts of the Roman empire were not taxed while others were overtaxed. … The AXIS of GREED.=277

The Growing Wealth Gap

credit cards.jpg

The increasing gap between the American wealthy and the rest of the people continues to grow, as poverty does all over the world. There is a biblical saying, “ the meek shall inherit the earth,” another “the borrower is slave to the lender.” The meek have been borrowing far to much, but the laws have been written to make the rich richer. The meek will have a hard time finding peace now, they will inherit a world of debt.

Wall Street continues to boom, money manipulators are piling up fortunes like never before. The working people with lower incomes and retired people can’t even get a decent interest rate if they had money to save. Retired people who had savings put away earn very little interest income. The consumer driven economy, is growing as credit card debt builds up. Consumers live on borrowed money and the government continues to operate on borrowed money.

The state and federal lawmakers sell government property that was paid for by the taxpayer and then lease it back from their investor friends. The taxpayer ends up leasing property forever that they owned at one time. The Federal Reserve just prints more money so investors can buy more Treasury Bonds The only sure thing for the future looks like unsustainable debt.

The big banks were bailed out partly by the same consumer taxpayer who got ripped off by them. The banks got together and robbed the whole country with their crooked real estate business deals. Bank profits reach new highs almost every day from loans, fees, overdraft charges etc. The credit card companies seem to hand out credit cards to anybody with an address, regardless of their credit rating.

The lawmakers have refused to regulate or rein in their wealthy supporters; instead they hand out food stamps and Medicaid to those moving into poverty income levels. That bubble is ready to burst too. The honest, bill paying, working people are getting mad as hell. They go to work and punch a time clock. Millions of them can’t afford decent health care or to feed their families beef, unless it is low grade hamburger. Those working people get a little upset when they check out of the grocery store. The shopper on food stamps might have his shopping cart full of steaks and shrimp. That food stamp shopper probably qualifies for subsidized rent and Medicaid too.

The average personal income has seen its biggest drop in twenty years yet the shopper is expected to keep our consumer driven economy growing with credit cards. The nation will reach the point where our money will be worthless and inflation will rule the day. The lawmakers in Washington DC and most corporations could care less how the working man survives from day-to-day. Millions of high paying jobs have been outsourced and millions of foreign workers have been brought in to do low paying jobs.

When interest rates on savings are less than 1 percent the Federal Reserve is actually taxing, or taking away from the lower income and retired people. Every small organization, church, perpetual care fund, etc. depends on interest income from small CDs and saving accounts. They are all being robbed in today’s economy. Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke have kept interest rates near zero for almost twenty years. They give to the banks yet the banks pay the saver next to nothing. People saved in the past because they were mindful of their future security. Not many people today care about their future, or the future of the United States. Most Americans are one paycheck away from the street. street.http://www.marketwatch.com/story/most-americans-are-one-paycheck-away-from-the-street-2015-01-07

Usury laws were written years ago to protect the consumer, borrower and their futures. The credit card branches of the big banks made money the old fashioned way when they first started. They checked your credit and charged a fair rate of interest. The banks must have decided credit card profits were not growing fast enough in those early days. They got together and met with their lawmaking friends and got the usury laws changed. Our country has millions of people today paying the price for those usury law changes, millions more are living with a future of hopeless debt. In the 1970s, a large bank promised to move their credit card operations to the small state of South Dakota if that state would change its usury laws. The state’s legislature complied and the bank moved to South Dakota. The Supreme Court gave the deal their blessings. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/credit/more/rise.html

The results from those actions created huge credit card profits for that bank; other states soon did the same thing. That greedy move was the start of the debt-ridden, credit card-driven economy that we have today.
The growing wealth gap was designed years ago and seems to be working according to plan.

Frugal Living



Begin a new life, get out of debt. You can do it! If you start living a frugal lifestyle you will set yourself free. Living a frugal lifestyle has become old-fashioned in the eyes of most people in this borrow and spend world. Those people are unhappy at the end of each month when the bills come due.

Trying to live a frugal lifestyles today finds you swimming against a tsunami of advertising and easy credit offers. You are being enticed to buy everything you see. The way advertising, big banks and credit card companies have been operating, frugal lifestyles seem wrong today. The US consumer has been expected to live beyond their means to create a false growing economy.

People are not encouraged to save because they get less than a half a percent interest on their savings accounts. Borrow and spend prosperity theories have been pushed by politicians and economists for years to show a growing economy. The party is now over. Millions of people now have a debt hangover that will not go away, the nation’s debt is becoming unsustainable, and consumer debt is following the same path.

Starting to live a frugal lifestyle today is going to be a very big change, if you are now a slave to the credit industry. You know what you’re total income is, without including a lottery win or a rich uncle leaving you a bundle. You have to sit down with a pencil and paper and plan a budget, have your significant other join you. Plan to live as frugally as possible until you get your credit debt paid off.

Lowering a person’s past standard of living is going to be a shock and awe experience at first. You have to look in the mirror and examine how much you have really been living above your means, each person has to do an honest self examination, if they are really being serious about living a frugal lifestyle. When you make the decision to change to frugal living it will be a step by step process. You learn to start purchasing things you need, not just the things you want. Here are some ideas, more will come to you as you work on your new lifestyle.

1.If you are buying a home, understand all the fine print in the contract do not let the real estate agents sell you a house that you cannot afford the payments on. If you’re renting, don’t move into a place if the rent payment is too high for your income. Try to find a place to live that is close your place of employment and schools. How much are your taxes and utilities? How much living space do you really need?

2.When you go to trade vehicles do not let the car salesman put you in a new vehicle with payments that you cannot afford. The big sports utility vehicle or Hummer makes you look impressive on the road but you are putting the gas in the tank and making the payments. A good used vehicle still under warranty can save you thousands of dollars.

3.Pay off your new credit card balances every month, gasoline credit cards are handy to use but stop and figure out what that gas is really costing you. The added interest on any unpaid balance makes you gasoline very expensive. Gas is expensive enough without the extra interest added on. Use cash to pay for your gas for a while. If you’ve been paying interest on your gas card, your savings will surprise you.

4.Try to carry health insurance to protect you from losing everything in the event of a sickness or accident. You may have to elect to have a high deductible but you will still have protection against losing your property.

5.Eating out gets very expensive, if you been eating out on the credit card often, check your credit card statements and see just how much your food costs have been. When you see how much you are spending eating out you will soon learn you have a large sum of money to start planning a very good grocery budget with. Make grocery lists at home before you shop. When you get to the market stick to the items on the list. Extra impulse items will add to your bill total very quickly. Yes, you have to cook the food but you can start to make very nutritious meals at home. Eating meals together at the table helps bind families together too. Don’t buy a lot of instant frozen microwave meals if you want to be frugal. Stop using credit cards at fast food joints, no hamburger is worth paying 18% interest on, not even super sized!

6.Entertainment, ask yourself if some wining and dining can be cut back on. Moviegoers might read more instead of going to the theater. Movie rental customers might consider TV programs once in a while if they have a big movie rental bill each month. If you live in a metropolitan area a very inexpensive TV antenna will receive plenty of TV programs, why pay a cable company bill?
If you are lucky enough to have a family trip planned make the destination closer to home to save money.

7. Lotteries and gaming, don’t consider either one unless you have your credit debt paid off and you have discretionary money in your pocket. Using credit cards or an ATM machine to get gaming money is financial suicide for your budget. Gaming and frugal lifestyles just don’t go together.

Living a frugal lifestyle seems impossible, in our modern, buy now society, but it can be done. Strive for a new life with as little debt as possible. It will bring you and your family a life with peace of mind and pride in your new way of life. You cannot put a price on that!