Dancing On The Edge





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Living on the edge requires a special person. Someone who loves that rush of adrenaline that comes from flirting with fear or dancing around on the edge of danger. Aircraft pilots who perform in air shows have that heart, own those genes, a group of people who love to see and feel, exactly what living right on the edge is all about.

They are within seconds of totally destroying themselves and the airplanes they’re flying in, one small error in split-second timing is all that it would take to send them crashing to the ground in assorted balls of flames. There are very few things in this world that can compare to that type of a rush. Astronauts blasting off might be a close comparison.

They pull several G’s of negative energy, you feel your body being pressed against the pilot’s seat and your suit, as the G-forces try to crush your body. Then in another split-second, you are pulling positive G’s. You are traveling toward the Earth at the speed of sound, a few milliseconds later going straight up toward the sky and the other universes. You can continue flying to a higher altitude until your jet engines flame out. Then you can flip over and make a nose dive back toward the earth hoping that you can restart those engines on the way back down. You continue to dance on the edge until those engines start and you pull out of that dive, to keep from crashing into the ground at supersonic speed.