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The word ‘envy’ originated between the years 1250 and 1300 from the old English, Latin, or Old French. It is a word that is well-known to cause trouble, personal anxiety, bitterness, law-breaking, even bodily harm. Envy has caused people to covet the possessions of their neighbors since the beginning of time.

Keeping up with the Jones became very popular in the United States. Envy became a lot more popular as easy credit became available to everyone. You might say the word envy is the engine that drives the American Dream and economy. People may not be born with envy in their souls but it is a human trait, a human weakness, like selfishness. All people don’t have a problem with envy bothering them, they are satisfied with their lives and the stuff they have accumulated.

Modern day advertising will help educate you and put envy to work in your head. The advertising people know in time, with enough ads, they will put a hook in your mouth and set it good so you can’t get away. As a good citizen, you will feel the need to keep pace with those around you. The great housing boom/bust was an example of envy working overtime, speculators became consumed by envy. The real estate bust was typical, just bill the taxpayer and create more national debt.

There was a time in the U.S.A. when envy created a good thing, incentive. People felt a need to learn more so they could earn more income. They bought the different things they needed as they could afford them. Keeping up with the Jones was done, but it was paid as you go. It soon became evident, the drive to possess things trumped the fear of being in debt. Millions of people are now saddled with a lifetime of debt.

As humans, we are all different if envy makes you resent another person, or you get feelings of discontent because of someone else’s qualities, gifts or education you are in deep trouble. You are who you are. You can not be who you are not, live with it, or change it!