Nerve End


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Nerve End

Listen up, buddy boy. I’m the main nerve in the last curve of your large intestine. You better start watching your diet or you’re going to kill both of us. If you have to have surgery because of the constant neglect of your diet, the guy with the knife will wack off part of your lower intestine. “You know what that could make me?” Yes, “get smart about it”, I could become an anal orifice.

You and I have to learn to work together as friends. You party on all night, eat or drink what you want, without any concern for me. I’m just along for the ride, bringing up the rear. All of the lousy food and drink you put into your body ends up passing through my position. I must say I don’t always enjoy it. You fill up on HOT Mexican food and the next morning I hear you holler, “come on ice cream.” You have to start eating more roughage and balanced meals so we can work together on a regular basis. I don’t want you sleeping on the job while I work overtime trying to see if we can get something to pass, it’s just not right. We haven’t had many accidents, yet!

Do you remember the other day in the city going up the elevator in that tall building? You had been eating a whole bunch of lousy cheese, you let one get out. I could have stopped that one. I let it go there in the elevator after the doors shut. I do have some power over you. I’m not going to call this blackmail but we have to start working together on what goes in and what comes out of your body.

All of the years we’ve been together. You have not bothered to show me any concern to speak of. You always think I will do just fine on my job without any assistance from you. Buddy boy it doesn’t work that way anymore. We are getting older, you have to help take care of the store. To keep from killing us both. just start thinking about the big nerve on the last curve. I know you ride that elevator every day.