Guest On Planet Earth



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Guest On Planet Earth

We Humans are all guests here on  Earth. We zip around acting like we own the place, but we really don’t. We are only guests. Maybe if we did own the place. We would take better care of it and not contaminate all the water, soil and air. A few have big plans for traveling to Mars or to other places in this Universe. If somehow any of those trips are made possible. We will be there as guests also. Will we treat those places any different than we treat planet Earth? We are supposed to be good stewards of this place called Earth, for the right to live here.

There are people who are even allowed to roam around free who have big plans for tourist travel in outer space! If they see their plans fulfilled, the roadsides on Mars and Venus and throughout the universe will be littered with beer cans, pop cans, fast food wrappers and other human waste.

There are many volunteers who walk along the roadsides picking up garbage that slobs throw out of their car windows at eighty miles an hour. Those volunteers have an endless task, we all owe them a big thank you. People continue to get worse at littering every place they go. Why, are they just too lazy or important to take their garbage home and pit it in the dumpster? I wonder if they watch their garbage in the rear view mirror as it flies in the wind?

If I come to your home, or you ask me into your home. I am a guest there and I should treat you and your property as if I am a guest. Something has gone dramatically wrong with how we as a nation treat other people and property, both public and private. We depend on this Earth for our survival. We must start doing a lot better job at being good guests here and stewards of the land.