Bipartisan Commissions

From Trump’s first day in office, news he did not like got labeled fake news. This fake news plan continued for four years. He brainwashed his supporters into believing the news media was the enemy and picked on him with fake news. He was preparing them for the big lie if he lost the election to the radical, socialistic democrats. He must have planned all along to declare the election got stolen from him. His lies to divide and conquer the nation should be considered a Treasonous Act.

Treason – Wikipedia

The republican party had the FBI investigate doctor Martin Luther King Jr, and a bipartisan commission was formed in Congress to investigated him for treason and communist activities.

On January 6th, 2021, the nation’s capital got attacked to overturn the 2020 presidential election results. The Republican Party does not want to have a bipartisan commission formed now to investigate that takeover of the nation’s capital.

It looks like we may have already lost our government to radicals who use lies to control all political power. They are committing treason while using their rights of free speech. That is as low as a U.S. politician can go. Some should be tried for treason and lose their citizenships. They pretend to be political public servants. The elected officials who continue to perpetuate the lies are just as guilty as the originator of the BIG LIE.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) | The Martin Luther King, Jr., Research and Education Institute (



Power-hungry rulers have used War for centuries to gain status and riches.

In the United States, politicians have sent young people off to War around the world for the sake of freedom. Political reasons and personal gain have also prompted decisions to send troops into harm’s way.

The modern US politician started to use a simple thing called lies to gain and hang onto power. How can a lie be disproved? They are using their right to free speech to destroy the freedom of the nation. That is not a game, it should be considered Treason. The New Age politician doe not want any opposition, he now uses lies and changes laws to hold power.

I would recommend the movie “We Were Soldiers” to all politicians who never served in the military of the United States, or fought to protect our freedom of speech.

We Were Soldiers (2002) Official Trailer #1 – Mel Gibson Movie HD – Bing video


Handy ‘Space Age’ Stuff


How old do you have to be before you can learn how to use “self-locking” bags and “handy wrap?”

Many cases have been reported of people being found after they were missing for days. They were so tangled up in their plastic wrap they couldn’t call 911.

Do you see any magic?

This morning I put something that I thought was worth keeping in a magic bag. I pulled the slider too hard. It came off the end of the bag. What to do now? I spent about 10 minutes trying to put that sliding mechanism back on the end of the thing. My balance is awful, so I was leaning heavily on the kitchen counter. It would not go back on. They did not make it to do that!

As I got ready to give up, I had a brain Flash, Farction, or something like that. Like a small dazzling lightning bolt, “Walla” cut the corner of the bag on an angle. The corner got trimmed. I got that nasty little plastic slide thing back on the bag, and it even worked. In my moment of Glee, I almost lost my balance and went over backward.

The slider did work, but I stopped before it got clear to the end, not wanting to do a repeat performance. A clothespin on each end or one in the middle would help, but I guess that would be high-tech stuff.

When they come to take me away, it will most likely be from the kitchen.


This gold mine of information about the hobo should be a part of our educational system. It is pages of American history that should be cherished and remembered. My two brothers and I visited the hobo’s camped along the Sioux River at Watertown, South Dakota, in 1950. We often brought them some produce from our big garden. The three of us worked the garden each day before doing anything else. They were a good bunch of people trying to make their way after circumstances and the world let them down. Some of them shared their stories with us. Lisa Hix, I enjoyed reading your historical work.

Don’t Call Them Bums: The Unsung History of America’s Hard-Working Hoboes | Collectors Weekly



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I Love You

“Ole and Lena had been married seven years. Lena was getting worried that Ole might be getting the seven-year itch. She thought he was cheating on her. Lena says to Ole, “You never tell me you love me. Is there someone else?” Ole replies, “When we got married, I told you I loved you. If I ever change my mind, I’ll let you know.”

The three little words “I Love You.” They are words some people find almost impossible to say, yet others say them each time they see each other.

We never know if we will see each other again, so that is a good idea.
I love all of you.