A Pale Blue Dot 

A friend recently sent me this video and I felt the need to share it. There are so many profound points to ponder here I just fell it must be shared. I hope those who watch it enjoy it and receive a message from it. Best wishes to all you bloggers and for the rest … Continue reading A Pale Blue Dot 


I am not an attorney but as I recall our legal system depends on truth being told to maintain our system of Law & Order. We have evolved to a point where truth does not hold the value it had in the past. Truth has a different meaning to a few. If you're a good enough … Continue reading TRUTH

Able Mable the Secret Mission That Wasn’t

    Able Mable the Secret Mission That Wasn’t I was a member of the first Able Mable Reconnaissance Task Force. After leaving Japan, and refueling at Okinawa, we spent one night at Clark AFB, in the Philippines. The last leg of the flight must have been high altitude; there was frost on the walls … Continue reading Able Mable the Secret Mission That Wasn’t

Vivid Dreams

  Vivid Dreams I have been using a CPAP machine every night for 18 years. If I take a nap in my chair now during the day without a CPAP machine I have scary, vivid nightmares. I believe it is from low blood oxygen. These dreams can start almost as soon as I sit down … Continue reading Vivid Dreams

My Upper Nest

  Incubate My Upper Nest The Daily Prompt word is Incubate. As a writer, I've always looked at my alert mind as my upper nest, as in comparison to an incubator. In my early years, I tried to sit on my thoughts, ruminating at length, that was not productive, my rear wouldn't get into the … Continue reading My Upper Nest

“How I Lived 50 + Years With a Spinal Cord Injury”

Greetings to all of my blogging friends. I thought some of you might be interested in finding out my new book is just coming out in paperback. I have included a hundred and two of my best blog stories in this book. I hope somebody out there enjoys it. Happy reading. Leland My new book … Continue reading “How I Lived 50 + Years With a Spinal Cord Injury”

Cranky Crotchety Cantankerous

    Cranky Crotchety Cantankerous I wouldn't call my wife cranky, she is more grossly cross-tempered, touchy and irritable most of the time. I learned many years ago not to ask whether or not she woke up on the wrong side of the bed. That makes for a very bad start, to a long day … Continue reading Cranky Crotchety Cantankerous