We are living in these GREAT new days of computer technology unlimited. The magic of the e-book seems to be taking Center Stage. I have been contemplating writing a novel for a couple years now and finally got the project finished. I had it published buy Kindle Create. The book can be read for free … Continue reading E-Books

Sherwin Linton

I'm proud to say, I've known this great musician since we were young kids caddying and playing golf at the Country Club golf course near Watertown South Dakota, USA.  As a youngster, he went to work at the local radio station KWAT, playing his guitar. That boyhood beginning evolved into a lifetime of 'real' music. … Continue reading Sherwin Linton

Guest Post: 5 WAYS WE DESTROY DEBT {$30,000 IN 16 MONTHS}

It can be done.


I came across an article by a newcomer in MiddleMe and I was blown away by this awesome down-to-earth post that I believe will benefit a lot of people in the blogosphere. If you love the tips provided in this guest post as much as I do, drop by Chomskyweb for more of the amazing posts!

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Balls Off A Brass Monkey

It has oftentimes been said winter time in South Dakota USA gets so cold it will freeze the balls on a brass monkey, which sounds like a very serious thing for the monkey. This top picture shows what a brass monkey is, it has the cannonballs piled on it. If the balls are frozen it … Continue reading Balls Off A Brass Monkey


  Post about Proclivity Daily Prompt: Proclivity My wife has a proclivity to play the slot machines, it is so much easier in this modern day and age. You just push a button instead of pulling a big old handle on the right side of the machine, that had a tendency to create blisters. She … Continue reading Proclivity

The Bay Area Bad Guys

Dedication This Novel is dedicated to all the people who believe in making that little extra effort to live a good life. A law-abiding life where you treat others the way you want to be treated. The world is becoming filled with evil, it must not be allowed to prevail. I wrote on the following … Continue reading The Bay Area Bad Guys


https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/sludge/ Daily Prompt: Sludge When I saw the daily prompt was Sludge. A memory instantly went through my mind. I knew something about sludge? The most common sludge is no doubt that which comes from processed sewage. That took me right back to my childhood when my two brothers and I raised pigeons. We were … Continue reading Sludge