Take Time For A Book

Dennis Baxter does a great job on this work.

Let your mind have some fun with this mystery book. Your inquisitive nature will have a great time. You will be tempted to continue reading non-stop to see who done what.  

If you prefer to sit back and try to relax as you quietly listen, you can also get this book in audio format.

 The Bay Area Bad Guys: Evil Personified





I had almost finished year two in northern Japan. This old country bumpkin got homesick. I was out running the engines to check out maintenance that got done on my aircraft. It was the middle of the night in a far off land.

 I was right at the end of the runway with the engines running when a thought entered my mind. I could take off and go home for a visit.  

I was sitting at Misawa Japan location 40.67823° N, 141.3474° E and Hayti, South Dakota is on 44.673603° N, -97.18824° E. A quick flight plan was developing in the back of my mind, fly back around the globe. 

I would come into Hayti real low over Lake Marsh, just clearing the Herald Enterprise building to land on Main Street. I was sure I couldn’t get stopped by the time I got to the Horseshoe. So I would taxi down to the Court House, turn around, and come back to have a beer or two. I would then fly back to Japan before anybody missed me.

I started to have second thoughts:

  1. The Air Force would shoot me down before I got very far from the airbase.
  2. I’m sure I would not be very good at inflight refueling, which I would have to do to fly that far.
  3. I would no doubt get lost en route to Hayti.
  4. That is a long way to go for a beer but I would get to see some friendly faces.

I decided to scratch the whole mission, chalk it up to another wild dream. 


R & R

When I was in Bangkok, Thailand, in 1961, the nightlife was pretty laid back. It mainly catered to merchant marines and sailors who came to port there. But, unfortunately, there was a sailor who did get an unwanted tonsillectomy at one of the older clubs.

We got told we were in the country as unofficial ambassadors and not allowed to go into Bangkok until the second month. After that, we had strict orders ‘do not get in any trouble.’

As the Vietnam War continued to escalate in the following years, our troops got sent to Bangkok for R&R’s ‘rest and relaxation’ trips. As the war escalated, Bangkok nightlife escalated to a frenzy. The term R&R should have been replaced with H&E before the war ended. The H&E would stand for ‘hungover and exhausted.’



God is Good

Pastor Don & Rosie Bowers “my brother-in-law”





Republican Coup

The Republican Party tried to overthrow the government of the United States on January 6th, 2021. Their attempt to take power failed. They now want to act like it never happened, try to make a joke out of it, many just remain silent.

I think a guillotine should be put where the riot took place. Homeland Security could start lopping off a few heads. Maybe the Republicans would get that message. They committed treason, a grave crime. The guillotine has always been a good deterrent to Insurrection and treason even without a head being left in the basket.

Old fashioned justice. Heads in the basket send a strong message.