Global Prayer Groups

When I started writing my blog on WordPress in 2014, I considered it a way to communicate with people around the globe. We started blogging during those days, hoping it would help bring the world closer together through electronic media and the Internet. Communication is now instantly done with people around the globe. One thing we’ve all learned through the years. This world is constantly changing, and usually not for the better.

I hope blogging also helped lead to a prayer group praying for our planet’s survival. Prayer usually has good results for all involved, whether for health issues or global issues such as global warming and concern for our fellow man all over this planet. That’s why I decided to share the different countries my blog has gone out to.

My health is deteriorating. My blog will only get written for a bit longer. Hopefully, some bloggers worldwide will become part of prayer networks, I need your prayers. Thank you.

Click your mouse pointer on the following link to view a list of the countries.

I exchanged messages with a lady from Amman, Jordan. We exchanged prayer requests with each other for several years. Now that my life is going sideways and I’m living in a nursing home, I tried to contact her, but I can’t find her WordPress site anymore. I hope she’s fine and doing OK. She was living on a corner of a rooftop in Aamon, Jordan. Her son was trying to get her to move to a different location, but she seemed determined to live in her small living space on the roof. She was away from the shooting in the streets.

2 thoughts on “Global Prayer Groups

  1. Hi Leland. I’m not a prayer, but I am wishing both you and our planet the best. I, too, am afraid there isn’t much hope for it. Just recently I saw a blog of the doomsday clock clicking down the hours until it will be too late to counteract gobal warming. I’ve appreciated our communications over the few years I’ve known you. xo


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