Vote to stop all of the liars and get patriotism back. You can trust our government will be safe with people who have served in the military.
The Republican Party can come up with absolutely no proof to show the last election was stolen from Trump. Now they all try to use the same answer “everyone felt like it was stolen!”  
They want us to believe this stolen election idea came from one person, Trump. It looks like it was a plan that was incubated and hatched out at Republican Headquarters before the election took place. 
Vote the Republicans out of office. Turn the nation blue.

They want a dictator like Trump to think for them. This country is no place for him or those who think like he does. We don’t want to live with hate, fear, and bigotry. They have created division and distrust among half of the voters, strictly so they can gain power through lies, fear, and distortions.

Kick them all out, and turn this Nation Blue while it is still FREE. 

Thank you.