Why aren’t the politicians in jail who reaped millions of dollars when they prostituted themselves by making rabid hate speeches, to incite crowds, preparing them to riot and create an insurrection

Millions of faithful followers believe in their hearts; they should rule because of their faith. They have words from above to stop the enemy. That is everyone who doesn’t think and walk like they do. 

The Republican attorneys general became complicit when they set up a robot call to help organize the January 6th riot. When reversing the election results did not work, they started changing election laws. The GOP-controlled state legislatures immediately started redistricting and changing local election laws to stay in power. 

Most spinless power-hungry politicians stood by and remained out of sight, like a bunch of mute lemmings.  

The church in Germany also remained silent while Hitler was preparing to take control of the world.

Dictators rule because of lies and silence 

Let’s pray justice gets done soon. We demand justice!

God Bless America. 

God Bless America